ICE insists it doesn’t use Stingrays to track undocumented immigrants

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Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

In a letter (PDF), the acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said that the agency doesn’t use its Stingray mobile call-intercepting devices while enforcing immigration laws. It does deploy them when pursuing criminal suspects, however, and individual agents might use them while acting in a joint task force with other federal officers.

“However, such use must be conducted in a manner that protects rights afforded by the United States Constitution, and in compliance with applicable statutory authorities, DHS policy and ICE policy,” wrote acting ICE director Thomas Homan.

Homan penned the letter in response to an inquiry by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). He confirmed that ICE uses Stingrays in accordance with the DHS’s October 2015 directive on cell-intercepting tech, which require a warrant before deploying the devices. Wyden similarly reached out to the US Attorney General’s office to clarify about how Stingray use affects ordinary Americans, Ars Technica points out. That letter apparently hasn’t received a public response.

Knowing these requirements, the Feds’ recent use of Stingray devices to track down a restaurant worker from El Salvador sounds within legal bounds. He was undocumented, but also guilty of a previous hit-and-run, for which he was deported. That wasn’t the only crime mentioned in the Stingray warrant, though: Another was unlawful re-entry after deportation (specifically, violating 8 USC 1326a), citing when he came back to the US illegally after getting booted out. It stands to reason that any illegal return to the US after deportation might be enough to justify use of Stingrays in future warrants.



How to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7, episode 6 for free

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We’re finally going beyond the Wall this week. I know that because the episode is called “Beyond the Wall,” and because HBO accidentally leaked the episode earlier this week. This is the second episode of Game of Thrones to leak this season, but I managed to stay strong and avoid watching it until Sunday, so I’m sure you can do the same. What else are you going to do on Sunday night anyway?

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere is still free to watch on HBO’s website. If you missed it, you can catch up right now by heading to this link.

Option #1: Amazon gives Prime members the ability to add HBO to their Prime Video experience for $14.99/month through Amazon Channels, but as long as you remember to cancel, you can start a 7-day free trial just for Sunday. If Prime Video is your primary streaming service, this is a no-brainer.

Option #2: Similar to Amazon, Hulu gives all of its subscribers the ability to add HBO to their package for $14.99/month, but gives them the first month for free. If you’re already paying for one of Hulu’s limited or no commercials plan, or signed up for Hulu’s live TV offering, don’t pass this opportunity up.

Option #3: Another way to watch Game of Thrones this weekend is to take advantage of the HBO Now 1-month trial. The app is available on a wide variety of platforms, from iOS to Android to Roku to Verizon, so no matter which device you use, you should be able to watch the new episode.

Option #4: Finally, if you’re a student, over 70 colleges offer free access to HBO Go. Check and see if your college is on the list, and if it is, head over to, choose Sign In in the upper-right corner and find your college at the bottom of the “All Providers” list. Some restrictions may apply, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to watch the entirety of Game of Thrones season 7 without lifting a finger.

Prisma hopes to market its AI photo filtering tech

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Rob LeFebvre/Engadget

Prisma’s machine learning photography app may not be as hot as it was in 2016, but that doesn’t mean it’s going away. If the developer has its way, you’ll see its technology in many places before long. The company tells The Verge that it’s shifting its focus from just its in-house app to marketing numerous computer vision tools based on its AI technology, ranging from object recognition to face mapping and detecting the foreground in an image. In theory, you’d see Prisma’s clever processing find its way into your next phone or a favorite social photography app.

The Prisma app is staying put, to be clear — it has 5 million to 10 million monthly users, which is no mean feat for a small startup. It just won’t be the sole focus.

There’s no mention of initial customers, but Facebook likely isn’t in the running given that it already riffed on the photo filtering concept soon after Prisma became popular. Not that Prisma is averse to dealing with its erstwhile rival. Co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov visited Facebook in 2016, and other founder Aram Airapetyan said it “doesn’t matter” who Prisma works with, so long as it can pursue its technology. Don’t be surprised if its technology is interesting enough that a larger company eventually decides that it eventually needs to snap up all of Prisma, rather than paying for a toolkit.



Microsoft reveals every game enhanced for Xbox One X

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Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

Microsoft has dribbled out details of Xbox One X visual upgrades over the past couple of months, but now it’s laying all its cards on the table. The company’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has posted a list of all the games currently slated to get some kind of Xbox One X enhancement. Some of them you’ll already know about or would expect, such as many recent Microsoft-published games (including Quantum Break), Assassin’s Creed Origins and Wolfenstein II. However, there are plenty of older and indie titles also in line, such as Astroneer, Firewatch, Hitman and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The list looks impressive at first blush, but it’s also important to remember that only some of the games will be Xbox One X-ready when the console launches on November 7th. Many of these titles, like Anthem, won’t ship until many months later. Microsoft also doesn’t explain just what the enhancements mean. You’ll have to dig deeper to find out whether or not a game runs natively in 4K or relies on upscaling tricks (such as checkerboard rendering), as well as whether or not there are any added visual effects. Think of this as a cheat sheet — it’ll give you a quick idea of which games will improve, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not those improvements justify a purchase.



You can preorder the Xbox One X and the Project Scorpio Edition right now

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Two months after taking the wraps off of the Xbox One X at E3, Microsoft has officially opened preorders for what it is calling “the world’s most powerful console.” Selling at a suggested retail price of $499, Xbox One X supports HDR, wide color gamut, 4K Blu-ray HD playback and the entire Xbox One game library. It will also play supported games in true 4K Ultra HD.

If that sounds like the upgrade you’ve been waiting for, you can place a preorder for the console at a variety of retailers starting today. But at Gamescom this weekend, Microsoft also unveiled a brand new edition of the Xbox One X called the Project Scorpio Edition. It features a custom design and an exclusive vertical stand, but much like the Xbox One Day One Edition, there is a limited supply.

Here are some of the retailers where you might still be able to find an Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition (which has already begun to sell out on some sites): Amazon, Best Buy, GameStopWalmart, Target and Microsoft. There’s no telling how long the console will stay in stock, so act fast if you want to snag one.

“We are counting down to the launch of Xbox One X later this year and look forward to getting the world’s most powerful console into the hands of our fans,” Corporate VP Mike Nichols said on the Xbox Wire this afternoon. “With 40 percent more power and 60 percent more memory for game developers than any other console, get ready to experience immersive true 4K gaming.”

Oh, and if you’re still on the fence about whether or not the Xbox One X is worth the price of admission, here’s a full list of games that will be enhanced on the Xbox One X (so far).

Xbox One X Now Available For Pre-Order, Scoop Up That Scorpio!

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We saw it teased as Project Scorpio last year, we got to play it for ourselves at E3 this year, and finally this fall we’ll get to own the most powerful video game console yet when the Xbox One X launches November 7. After Microsoft’s Gamescom presentation in Europe pre-orders are now live for the (sort of) next generation Xbox.

Can’t decide where to drop your $500 for the special, day one “Project Scorpio” edition of the Xbox One X? Here are all your options right now.

Best Buy
Microsoft Store

With all the new and upgraded hardware we’ve seen from Nintendo and Sony over the past few months, it’s almost like we’ve just experienced a soft reboot of this console generation. While every Xbox One X game should theoretically also run on the weaker Xbox One S, the X does offer exclusive improvements, mostly focused on 4K resolution. So your existing Xbox library should look better, especially if you have a 4K TV. Expect even more improved visuals as future games like Assassin’s Creed Origins take further advantage of these killer specs.

However, even with all that power, the Xbox One X still must prepare for a struggle against the more popular PlayStation 4, more powerful PC, and more off the beaten path Nintendo Switch. We recently learned that Crackdown 3, an Xbox One exclusive previously scheduled to launch the same day as the X, has now been delayed to next year. Forza 7 is a great, beautiful game, but can it shoulder an entire system launch? Can ReCore: Definitive Edition?

We’ll find out this fall, but if you’re already convinced you need an Xbox One X, jump on those pre-order links now! Look yourself in the mirror, do your best DMX impression, and say, “X, gonna give it you ya!” Hopefully it’ll be easier to nab than the SNES Classic Edition.

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Microsoft unveils 'Minecraft' edition Xbox One S

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How devoted are you to Minecraft? Devoted enough that you want your console to be a living, breathing representation of the construction game? If so, you’re in luck. Microsoft has unveiled a limited edition Minecraft Xbox One S that drapes the entire console in Mojang’s blocky art style. There’s a grass block on the front, a transparent, redstone-laced bottom and a Creeper-themed green controller (there’s an optional pink, pig-themed gamepad). Naturally, it’ll include a copy of Minecraft (with the Better Together update).

The system arrives on October 3rd. Microsoft hasn’t detailed pricing or regional availability as we write this, but it’ll ship with a 1TB hard drive. We wouldn’t expect it to carry a significant premium over a plain Xbox One S with a bundled game, but don’t be surprised if this becomes the system to get among Minecraft players… well, those who don’t want to play in 4K, at least.



The Best Star Trek Funko Pops!

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1. Captain Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

The greatest captain ever can be yours as a tiny Funko Pop toy.

Currently $17.50 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

2. Worf (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Be the envy of all of Qo’noS with this Worf Funko Pop!

Currently $20.19 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

3. Captain Kirk In Survival Suit (Star Trek: Beyond)

Boldly go to your Funko Pop collectible display and place the legendary James Tiberius Kirk there with all the rest. He needs his own pedestal.

Currently $12.99 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

4. Geordi La Forge (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

“Forge” a new collection of awesome Star Trek-related Funkos with the indomitable Geordi!

Currently $19.94 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

5. Orion Slave Girl (Star Trek: The Original Series)

The famous green woman who Kirk just can’t get enough of.

Currently $35.31 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

6. “Mirror, Mirror” Spock (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Not buying this Funko Pop would be illogical.

Currently $19.58 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

7. Uhura (Star Trek Beyond)

The Star Trek universe is a much better one with the powerful Uhura around.

Currently $9.40 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

8. Andorian (Star Trek: The Original Series)

The icy inhabitants of the moon planet Andoria, they come in peace and cold.

Currently $15.99 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

9. Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

This Number One will soon be your Number One Funko Pop.

Currently $14.88 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

10. Deanna Troi (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Dina senses you’d be sad without her, she is correct.

Currently $14.14 at Amazon. Buy It Here.

Pre-order Xbox One X in a limited Project Scorpio Edition

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The rumors were true. Microsoft is marking the launch of the Xbox One X by starting pre-orders for a limited Project Scorpio Edition for the console. It’ll cost the same $499 as the standard model, but this is more than a rehash of the Day One system that commemorated the Xbox One launch in 2013. On top of Project Scorpio lettering on the console and controller, the machine gets a “sophisticated and dynamic” pattern and an exclusive vertical stand to flaunt your early adopter status. Even the packaging has a twist — it harkens back to the 2001-era Xbox.

You can pre-order from retailers right now (including Microsoft’s own store, Best Buy and Gamestop), and you’ll probably want to consider it if you were already bent on getting the Xbox One X come November 7th. It’s possible that stock will linger around, but we wouldn’t count on it if there’s a rush.

As it is, there will be something if you’re content with “just” 1080p gaming. On top of the Minecraft console, Microsoft is prepping Xbox One S Middle-earth: Shadow of War bundles that include the fantasy slasher as well as 1 month of Xbox Game Pass and 2 weeks of Xbox Live Gold. Both models arrive on October 10th, when they’ll be available in nearly every market at $279 for a 500GB bundle and $349 for the 1TB system.

Xbox One S Shadow of War bundle



Watch what happens when a Tesla owner gets his 97 year old grandfather into a Model S

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When it comes to video reviews of Tesla’s Model S and Model X, there are certainly no shortage of them one can find on YouTube. And while most are rather informative, even entertaining at times, a lot of them end up blending together after a while. That said, a new viral video making the rounds shows us what happens when a Tesla owner shows off the futuristic Model S to his 97-year old grandfather. The video is altogether charming and serves to remind us just how easy it is for those who follow tech closely to take impressive technological advancements for granted.

Filmed by Zev Gitalis, the video begins with Gitalis’ grandfather asking about taking the car on long trips, which prompts Gitalis to tell his grandfather about Tesla’s network of Supercharging stations. Once the pair get into the car, Gitalis shows his grandfather the Model S’ 17-inch digital dash and they get moving.

“Before we go any further,” the grandfather says early on, “it doesn’t make any noise. It’s impressive.”

Shortly thereafter, Gitalis showed off the car’s instant acceleration, which seemed to truly delight his grandfather.

“Oh boy,” he exclaimed gleefully, “you gotta have a parachute to drive this car!”

The entire video is really great and can be viewed below.

Since going live about a week ago, the video has garnered nearly three-quarters of a million views. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise us if we saw Elon Musk link to the video via Twitter in the coming days.

Build your own dinosaur park in 'Jurassic World Evolution'

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Did you watch Jurassic World and think that the chaos could have been avoided with better park design? You’re going to get a chance to prove your theory. Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier has taken the wraps off of Jurassic World Evolution, which will have you running your own park on Isla Nublar. Think of it as a very violent Rollercoaster Tycoon — you’ll build attractions, engineer new dinosaurs and try to prevent your creations from chomping on guests.

The title will arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in summer 2018, or soon after the June release of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie (convenient, isn’t it?). As such, it’s not clear just what the game mechanics are like. With that said, Frontier has a strong pedigree — it’s probably going to produce something considerably better than Trespasser.



Week 32 in review: Nokia 8 and Asus Zenfone 4 quartet go official

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In a welcome change of pace, this week brought a few major announcements to go with the usual leaks.

Nokia, now under HMD management, brought its first proper flagship as the 8 went official in London. Coming with dual Zeiss camera and a Snapdragon 835, the Nokia 8 will aim to fight it out in the premium segment and from what our first impressions show it might just have what it takes.

Asus held its own event that saw the official debut of four Zenfone 4 handsets. Some interesting devices among those too, so be sure to check them out.

Meanwhile the Huawei Mate 10 leaks continued and the Galaxy Note8 also had trouble staying out of the spotlight. The official announcement of the Samsung phablet is scheduled for next week so another major countdown timer is about to run out.

Read the full scoop on these and more by clicking the links below.

Huawei Mate 10 renders leak

The leak reveals the bezelless display for the phone, as confirmed by the company officials.

EISA awards: Galaxy S8 is best smartphone, Huawei got 3 titles

A surprising entry received the “value for money” award.

The Nokia 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs OnePlus 5 - how they compare

Three flagships with outstanding cameras, but only one can be “Best Cameraphone 2017”.

New leak reveals Sony Xperia XZ1 from all angles [Updated]

More renders of the device have leaked. There’s a 360-degree video of the renders as well.

Just in: Nokia 8 hands-on

Finally, a Nokia flagship with Android! But is it the phone we’ve been waiting for?

Nokia 8 announced: its dual camera boasts Zeiss lens and OZO audio

The 5.3″ screen will blast you with Snapdragon 835-class graphics rendered at 700 nits brightness.

Google Contacts app can now be installed on any Android device running Lollipop or newer

Up until today, you had to have a Nexus, Pixel, Android One or Google Play Edition device to enjoy its benefits.

Nokia has a big event today, here's what to expect

Nokia 8, but what else.

Nokia 8 goes on pre-order in Germany and Russia, cheaper than expected [Updated]

The officially revealed price was €599, but you can pick one up for as low as €575. Pre-orders are live in Australia as well – pricing is AUD 899 (around $712).

Galaxy Note8 dummy leaks in the wild, promotional materials reveal specs

With six days to go until its official unveiling, there’s very little we don’t know about Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

Asus drops six new ZenFone 4 models

Two ZenFone 4, two ZenFone 4 Max and two ZenFone 4 Selfie.

Just in: Xiaomi Mi 5X hands-on

The Xiaomi Mi 5X arrives for a review, and here are our initial impressions.

Dedicated Micro-SD slot and front camera flash confirmed for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A

The information comes straight from CEO Lei Jun and is backed up by official promo banners.

Galaxy Note8 briefly shows up on Samsung's official website [Updated]

Meanwhile, the company has also outed a couple of videos for the device, teasing its dual camera as well as the S Pen.

Galaxy Note9 may have a breathalyzer built into the S Pen, patent reveals

Samsung has filed a patent claim for the device, which would see the stylus bending within its housing to act both as a microphone and a breathalyzer.

Nokia 8 camera samples: photos of London, black & white shots, bothies too

Nokia and Zeiss have teamed up once more, but did they resurrect the magic of the past?

ASUS ZenFone Zoom S launched in India

It has a dual camera system with 2.3x optical system, Snapdragon 625 and 5000mAh battery.

Sharp Aquos S2 taken apart, a bezel-less phone that's well put together

Still, you’ll need a heat gun and some suction cups to get through the tougher steps.

Nokia 9 with bigger screen than the Nokia 8 seemingly confirmed by company reps

According to a Russian source, HMD Global representatives hinted at a flagship smartphone with a bigger display being in the works.

Sony Xperia XZ1 rear panels show extra large hole for the flash

Or is it just for the flash? Perhaps there will be additional hardware for focus, color spectrum or something else.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2's outline shown on video by its designer, has even smaller bezels than the Mi Mix

The race to kill all bezels continues, and Xiaomi will have a worthy entrant in it later this year.

Limited Mercury Silver Xiaomi Mi 6 will go on sale again today

It’s another flash sale and units will very limited.

Asus Zenfone 4 Pro specs spotted in GFXBench: Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM

The Pro model will stand out with a better chipset than the regular Zenfone 4, not with a better screen.

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact stars in leaked renders, video

The phone is expected to become official at IFA at the end of the month alongside two other Sony handsets.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A found on TENAA: 720p screen, no Snapdragon 625 chipset

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, the 5A model will stick to the 4xx-series Snapdragons.

OnePlus teams up with DJI for Back to School bundles

Just in case you wanted to take a drone to school.

Samsung Gear VR app provides help to the visually impaired

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Samsung isn’t just using VR headsets as a means of boosting phone sales. The company’s C-Lab has launched Relumino, a Gear VR app that uses augmented reality to compensate for vision problems. It can magnify the picture or adjust the contrast of what you’re looking at if it’s just a question of clarity, but it can also remap your field of view (to deal with blind spots or tunnel vision), outline objects and filter colors.

The app is free in the Oculus Store, and don’t be dissuaded by the Korean-only product page — it supports English.

Yes, it would be awkward and impractical to walk around wearing a VR headset (and your phone) at all times, so the current app is more for special situations. And Samsung knows it — the Relumino team hopes to develop “glasses-like” hardware that achieves similar results without drawing attention to wearers or adding too much bulk. Even in its current state, though, this could be valuable for any visually impaired person who’d like to supplement their eyesight without springing for expensive specialized equipment.



Building an Ultra Saber from Start to Finish

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As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to construct my own lightsaber. It always felt like a right of passage. Picking just the right kyber crystal that bonds with you. The hilt itself never felt as important, but now as we’ve seen Rey’s journey and trials with Anakin’s original saber; it just might. Sadly in the real world, the closest we have come to building a fully destructible saber is Allen Pan’s burning saber and the Arctic Spyder 3 laser. But if you’re looking for something you can take into a convention hall without suffering the risks of being escorted off the premises with; then polycarbonate sabers are right for you!

The fine folks at Ultra Sabers got in contact with me to build my ultimate saber. The ultimate fanboy in me lit up. These are not your typical store-bought sabers made of hollow plastic. Ultra Sabers are high-end lightsabers that look as if they were plucked right out of the film! Not interested in a replica? Ultra Sabers can also help you craft unique designs to fit whatever original costume or character concept you have in-store.

It’s funny. I immediately had the ultimate saber in mind before going to Ultra Sabers website. Once there I was floored by the amount of customization’s I could add to my saber. They even have different chipsets for light and sound FX. Right now the Diamond Controller is their hottest selling saber brand. It is the most powerful and versatile saber controller on the market for custom lightsabers. It recognizes gestures in a sequence of movements that you can program into the Diamond Controller to trigger unique sounds and light effects.

With the budget I was allotted, I became Watto in a junkyard free for all. Yet, it was the hardest decision ever! I could buy a car and name my first born faster than I could finalize a decision like this. Luckily while making about four or five different sabers with many tabs open, Ultra Sabers staff were quick to message me through their site asking if I had any questions. Boy did I have many. I asked about their Tri LEDs. These are LED diodes instead of just the single diode. The result is a slightly brighter and a fuller blade color. Yes, you can even make your saber the brightest saber at the con! If you are going to be using these sabers for friendly combat, you can even reinforce your sabers carbon tubing and add pointed tips for effect. You also have the option to have the saber flash different colors when it clashes.

These are just a handful of effects the saber has itself. We haven’t even talked about the hilts. Ultra Sabers sell single blade, double bladed and Kylo’s cross guard designs, all Custom built to your heart’s desire. You can request that your power on button lights up, or maybe you want vent holes right where the beam ignites. It is all up to you and how much you are willing to spend.

So this was the moment. What was I going to go with? I have a collection of Force FX sabers I acquired over the years. As much as I enjoyed them, they were not built for combat. Coming home one late night from work, back in my early twenties; I found my roommates in my dark backyard clashing away with the sabers in hand. Spots where the sabers had taken hits no longer worked so that the beam had gaps in it. To say I was a tad peeved is an understatement. Though with this new saber, I would not be doing much clashing, as I would just be showing off the saber at home or maybe at a convention. My now EX-roommates helped me never want to clash another saber again.

With the same budget, I sat aside a lot of the flashy motion options and put that into a second saber. That’s right. I went with a double-bladed lightsaber! While collecting sabers over the years, I never actually owned one and felt now was the time. But I wanted to theme it to my liking. I always enjoyed Jedi Master Plo Koon’s orange lightsaber. Though it was technically not canon (even after they put it in all the games, figures, and comics), I felt it was time to finally own an orange saber. But not just a single orange saber, a double-bladed orange saber with the Dark Sentinel V4 hilt to give the lightsaber an almost Halloween look to it.

If you buy a double-bladed saber through Ultra Sabers, they are basically two separate sabers held together by a centerpiece. The inside and outside designs were complete, and it was ready for shipment. It only took about a week for the saber to be built and shipped my way. I included rechargeable batteries and chargers with the order so that way the sabers would never dull out. Upon arrival, everything was in one large box heavily wrapped in bubble wrap. It was pure bliss putting the saber together and igniting it for the first time.

Comparing my classic Force FX sabers to the new Ultra Sabers, I found one interesting difference. The travel of the light when first igniting and then extinguishing. Force FX runs LED’s up the carbon tube to give the look of the beam elongating and then diminishing. Ultra’s LED’s are located in the hilt of the saber and turns on and off like a flashlight. But where the travel light fails, the sound takes over. I ordered my saber with an Obsidian USB V4 Sound chip and boy does it pack a punch next to the Force FX sabers. Now the great thing about this chip is that you can load up different sounds to your saber.

For instance, sounds made in Episode II are slightly different than the ones used in Episode IV. You can hold down the sabers button and pick different sound fonts. The Ultra Sabers community has been uploading new sounds for a while now, and I think that is probably the strongest trait Ultra Sabers has going for it. For young padawan’s, the launcher tutorial works out beautifully on both Mac and Windows platforms. Just simply download the custom sound files from the forums and load them right onto your sabers hilt using a USB mini cable. If you wanted, you could even have your saber become an Owen Wilson meme. The dark choice is completely up to you.


The saber itself is beyond gorgeous and is built exactly to my liking. Another great thing about Ultra Sabers line is once you are done building your custom saber, you can always send it back in to get modifications done when new features are released. You also can also order different parts and add onto the hilt yourself. In the two videos below I show off the Phantom V4 in action, along with an up-close look at the Dark Sentinel V4. I have a creepy Sith idea in mind to accompany the grim saber and cannot wait to get started on it. Definitely give Ultra Sabers site a look soon! They are always trying out new designs and pushing the limits of their craft. Easily one of the best saber manufacturers out there!

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Xbox at Gamescom live stream: Watch it right here at 3 PM EDT

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The months following E3 can be somewhat slow when it comes to gaming news, but Microsoft will have a few announcements to make at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this afternoon. We don’t expect to hear much in the way of new games for the Xbox One, but we should learn more about upcoming Xbox One X console, including a rumored Project Scorpio Edition model.

We’ll know soon enough what exactly the Project Scorpio Edition entails, but based on the listings that were discovered on the sites of German retailers, this version of will feature an all-black color scheme on the controller and the console, and will likely only be available for a limited time.

Beyond the Xbox One X, Microsoft will also highlight some of the games that are set to launch in the coming months. In a video on YouTube, Microsoft previewed the show floor at the exhibition center, which will feature a wide variety of games, including Sea of Thieves, Forza Motorsport 7, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Halo Wars 2 and Cuphead.

Crackdown 3 likely would have taken center stage, but this past week, Microsoft announced that the game had been delayed once again, this time to Spring 2018. That makes the holiday slate even lighter than it already was for the Xbox One, but maybe Microsoft will have a surprise or two.

In any event, if you want to watch the broadcast live, just click on the video above. The stream will begin at 3:00 PM PDT, and if you want to win some prizes, you can sign in with your Microsoft account at If you want to know how to link your account to Mixer, click here.