Paranormal thriller 'Oxenfree' teased for Nintendo Switch

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Night School Studio

We love Oxenfree around these parts. The paranormal thriller captures the awkwardness of being a teenager incredibly well, tasking players to uncover the mystery of an abandoned military base while managing relationships with friends along for the ride. It’s already available on mobile, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the developers at Night School Studio have started teasing that it’ll appear on Nintendo Switch as well.

The studio tweeted the image below along with a message in Morse code. What’s it say? “Coming soon.” With PAX happening in Seattle this weekend, it shouldn’t be too long before there are more details. Like so many of the other indies that’ve had ports announced, this should be a great fit for Nintendo’s hybrid portable/home console. Oh, and if you somehow still haven’t listened to the game’s soundtrack you should fix that.



Twitch streamers will soon customize their page with new tools

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Twitch released a desktop app earlier this month offering more functionality than its browser version, but they saved even bigger news for PAX West. Today at the games show, the streaming channel platform announced that creators will soon be able to load up a whole slew of new third-party tools and extensions to interact with followers in many more ways. Best of all, developers will be able to make their own plug-ins.

Twenty extensions are available now, ranging from overlays and follower leaderboards to those specifically built for games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch and Destiny. Savvy followers might have seen their favorite content creators demo the new tools in the last few months (like Hearthstone streamer Trump in the pic at the top of this post).

Other extensions benefit creators directly: ‘Gear on Amazon,’ for example, earns Twitch Partners and Affiliates (aka streamers) commission through Amazon’s Associates program when fans buy stuff promoted by their favorite content creator (see example below). This one is the first, but not last, extension to use monetizations: In a press release, Twitch noted that they will share more ways developers can make money through extensions at TwitchCon’s Developer Day on October 19th.

Users can make their own extensions by heading to the updated Developer Portal, which will freely provide both asset hosting and fanout messaging to help promote their software. Developers can showcase their finished plugins in an Extensions Manager, which will act as a directory for creators to peruse. Twitch didn’t announce when exactly all the extensions features will go live, but noted they will be available soon.



Nintendo ordered to pay $10 million in Wii patent lawsuit

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

Today, a Dallas jury awarded iLife Technologies $10 million in its patent infringement lawsuit against Nintendo of America. The suit, which was brought forth in 2013, alleged that Nintendo used iLife’s technology when creating its motion-sensing Wii Remote.

The technology created by and patented by iLife was designed to detect when elderly individuals fell and monitor babies for sudden infant death syndrome. It sought $144 million in damages, or $4 for each of the 36 million Wii systems sold prior to the suit being filed, along with an injunction against Nintendo’s use of the technology in question.

Nintendo said it didn’t infringe on the patent and that the patent was improperly written, causing it to be invalid. Around the same time that it sued Nintendo, iLife also filed patent infringement suits against a number of other companies — including Fitbit and Under Armour — that involved the same patents listed in the Nintendo case. Both of the Fitbit and Under Armour suits were dismissed by the parties themselves and presumably settled out of court. Nintendo plans to appeal the ruling, according to reports from Rolling Stone.



Parallels makes Windows apps work with your MacBook's TouchBar

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If you’re one of those Apple users who likes (or needs) to run Mac OS and Windows side by side, you’ll probably be into Parallels Desktop 13. Especially if you have one of those MacBook Pros with a TouchBar. The latest version of the software makes certain apps on Microsoft’s platform fully compatible with Apple’s digital OLED strip, including all the major web browsers and the entire Office suite. For instance, if you’re running PowerPoint for Windows through Parallel, you can use the TouchBar to do things like bold or italicize the text on your slides. You can also customize functions based on which app you’re using, just as you would on the Mac OS interface.

During our demo of the feature here at IFA 2017, using the TouchBar with apps like Internet Explorer, Excel and Powerpoint was smooth (read: there was barely any lag between prompting commands). That said, the images displayed on the OLED strip, specifically the icons for the apps we were using, looked sort of blurry and low-res. Still, we’ll take functionality over aesthetics any day, even if it is nice to combine the two. Aside from TouchBar support, Parallels for Desktop 13 brings a picture-in-picture mode, a light theme and an installation assistant that will help you get Windows going on your Mac within minutes.

A representative for Parallels tells Engadget that it will make more applications work with the TouchBar in the near future, though it’s unclear how it will pick and choose which exactly. As for the apps that don’t have full support, the strip will show traditional function buttons on the TouchBar. Those of you with a compatible MacBook Pro can get a new Parallels Desktop 13 license for $80, while anyone with coming from version 11 or 12 can upgrade for $50.

Gallery: Parallels Desktop 13 hands-on | 7 Photos

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Second ‘Battlefield 1’ DLC deploys on September 19th

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At Gamescom last week, EA showed off a timeline of future expansions headed to Battlefield 1, including the next to come, In The Name of the Tsar. The game’s second DLC just got a global release date on September 19th, but players who bought the Premium Pass can load it up two weeks early on September 5th. Even if you don’t care about the extra content, tech heads might want to buy it for another added feature: HDR10 support.

EA and DICE introduced In The Name Of The Tsar back in February when it unveiled Battlefield 1‘s DLC roadmap, but an April teaser revealed that the expansion would be sending players to the Eastern Front. Like the first DLC They Shall Not Pass, which introduced French-themed multiplayer maps with that country’s forces, In The Name of the Tsar‘s six new maps all involve Russian armies fighting against Germans, Austro-Hungarians and even each other as Bolsheviks and Imperials grapple for control of the nation. Players get eleven new weapons, three new vehicles and a new mode: Supply Drop. Get ready for war in the cold, soldiers.



Windows 10 Fall Creators Update may arrive on October 17th

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We’ve known that Microsoft planned to release a large Windows 10 update this fall, but the company has been mum on the exact date. The Fall Creators Update is slated to feature some big changes, too, including built-in AI to fight malware, new Cortana features and handwriting recognition. While many expected bi-annual updates for Windows 10 starting in September, PC World reports that hardware partner Lenovo leaked a Windows 10 ship date of October 17th on a since-deleted product page for its upcoming two-in-one PC, the Miix 520.

Of course, this isn’t an official date; we’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment on the matter, and will update this post when we hear back. Still, a fall release makes sense, given the name of the update itself. PC World‘s Mark Hachman thinks that Microsoft needs more time for its mixed reality technologies, but again, it’s just speculation at this point.



We wish 'Destiny 2' looked as good as this live action trailer

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Are you getting excited about the upcoming launch of space-shooter Destiny 2? If the impactful shared-world experience doesn’t grab you and the themed PS4 Pro bundle is out of your reach, this new trailer might help ratchet up your anticipation. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts of Kong: Skull Island fame, the Destiny 2 live-action trailer has robot Nathan Fillion exhorting three new recruits to find the big guns and take back the Earth from “a psycho rhino named Ghaul.”

While the amazing battle scenes and Fillon’s charmingly funny voiceover won’t be in the game, this is a fantastic short film that hits all the right exciting notes. The slow motion leaps with flaming swords, the massive alien monsters chasing our heroes down a narrow hallway and (yes) the use of the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” all contribute to the feels. Here’s hoping the humor from this trailer ends up in the game, too. So, when the game comes out September 6th on consoles and October 24th on PC, you can do it “for the puppies!”



The Wirecutter's best deals: Save $30 on a Ring Video Doorbell

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The Wirecutter

This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a buyer’s guide to the best technology. When readers choose to buy The Wirecutter‘s independently chosen editorial picks, they may earn affiliate commissions that support their work. Read their continuously updated list of deals here.

You may have already seen Engadget posting reviews from our friends at The Wirecutter. Now, from time to time, we’ll also be publishing their recommended deals on some of their top picks. Read on, and strike while the iron is hot — some of these sales could expire mighty soon.

Ring Video Doorbell

Street price: $180; MSRP: $180; Deal price: $150

Here’s a nice deal, matching the lowest price we’ve seen, on our video doorbell runner-up. The Ring Video Doorbell is aging a bit (2nd gen, Ring 2, is now available at a cost of $200), but still offers excellent value at this deal price of $150. This price is available for the Satin Nickel finish only – all the other finishes are still $180, the typical street price of this item. Shipping is free.

The Ring Video Doorbell is our runner-up pick in our guide to the best smart doorbell cameras. Stacey Higginbotham wrote, “…our runner-up doorbell camera is the Ring Video Doorbell, which is better known because it’s been available longer than the SkyBell HD. Its video and sound quality aren’t as good, but it has the basic features that anyone buying a connected doorbell could want, including motion detection, the ability to connect to the doorbell for a live view of what’s happening at the door, and night-vision capability. It does require you to pay a small monthly service fee to see the events you may have missed, though.”

Osprey Syncro 15 Hydration Pack

Street price: $130; MSRP: $130; Deal price: $90

This is the lowest price we’ve seen in a year on the Osprey Syncro 15 Hydration Pack. In fact, at $90, this drop matches the lowest price we’ve seen, period. This Hydration pack typically costs $120 and has rarely budged from there, so at $30 off, grab one while you can. Blue Racer, Meteorite Gray, and Velocity Green colors are available. Shipping is free.

The Osprey Syncro 15 Hydration pack is our runner up pick in our guide to the best hydration packs for day hikers. James Meigs and Jennifer Stern wrote, “The Osprey Synchro 15 is a great choice for people who might be hiking in hotter climates or who want to use one hydration pack for multiple sports. Unlike the Skarab and Skimmer, but like Osprey’s larger packs, the Synchro rides on a mesh back panel that provides excellent ventilation and comfort. Although designed in the long, narrow shape of a cycling pack, it has plenty of room for hiking gear.”

Aukey Latitude EP-B40 Bluetooth Headphones

Street price: $30; MSRP: $40; Deal price: $17 w/ code AUKEYEP7

This is a great deal and lowest price we’ve seen on our new budget pick for best wireless workout headphones. We normally see these headphones stick pretty close to their $30 street price, so this drop down to $17 is a big one. Make sure to use code: AUKEYEP7 in order to get the deal price. Only available until 9/4.

The Aukey Latitude EP-B40 are our budget pick in our guide to the best wireless workout headphones. Lauren Dragan wrote, “If you’re a casual gym-goer, the Aukey Latitude EP-B40 is the best cheap option. These earbuds are the only sub-$50 pair we tested that sounded pretty good and fit comfortably while still being able to take some abuse. The silicone wings and tips keep the earbuds secure, while the IPX4 rating means the Latitude won’t quit when faced with a little sweat. Magnets in the earbuds allow you to clip the Latitude around your neck when you aren’t using it, and the eight-plus-hour battery life will get you through more than a week of hour-long workouts before you have to recharge. Additionally, a two-year warranty protects against manufacturing defects. That said, the Latitude headphones aren’t nearly as durable against moisture as our top picks, and the long cable will have a tendency to bounce annoyingly when you jog and to tug a bit as you turn your head.”

Osprey Youth Jet 12 Backpack

Street price: $50; MSRP: $50; Deal price: $38

Here’s a nice deal on our upgrade kids camping backpacks for smaller kids. This backpack hits this $38 price periodically, with this drop matching the previous low price we featured in May and last November. We see these backpacks go on sale a few times a year, but it should be noted that we haven’t really seen this backpack on sale for any lower than this, so this is still the best price we’re likely to see. This deal is available in red and teal. Shipping is free.

The Osprey Youth Jet 12 is our upgrade pick for smaller kids in our guide to the best camping and hiking backpack for kids. Kalee Thompson wrote, “Osprey’s kid packs are identical in size to REI’s and have most of the same features. The Osprey packs cost more but arguably offer a couple of appealing upgrades to the REI designs that may be worth the extra cost if your kid is a more serious hiker and/or spends time hiking in hot weather. One, while the REI pack’s bladder pocket is on the inside of the bag’s main compartment, Osprey puts the bladder pocket on the outside of the bag. This has a couple of advantages. If the bladder were to leak, it’s less likely to get other gear wet. The design also makes it a tad quicker to refill (no need to unzip the main pack) and ensures that any splashed water ends up on the outside of the pack rather than the inside. Second, the pack is designed to be more breathable, with a piece of mesh-covered foam separating the back of the pack from the back of the child. (Osprey calls this the “airscape” system.) These advantages are probably relevant only if your child is using a hydration system or if they’re sweating a lot—in short, if they are a more serious hiker who is spending time in hot conditions.”

Because great deals don’t just happen on Thursdays, sign up for our daily deals email and we’ll send you the best deals we find every weekday. Also, deals change all the time, and some of these may have expired. To see an updated list of current deals, please go to The



Pictures Aftab Shivdasani gets married in Sri Lanka

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Nin and Aftab Shivdasani had a very intimate and beautiful wedding at in the south east coast of Sri Lanka.

The couple initially had registered their marriage on June 5th in 2014 in private ceremony. However they never did the Wedding ceremonies which they saved for a later date.
Whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka recently, the couple fell in love with the place, and felt it would be the best place to have their functions as they always wanted a destination wedding.

The wedding was attended by family and close friends who flew in to attend the functions. The celebrations took place over a span of two days with a mehendi and celebration party on the beach on the first day.

On the second day, there was a Hindu ceremony where the couple had flown in their pundit from Mumbai and walked around the fire followed by a Buddhist blessing with local Sri Lankan monks. The grand entrance was something not to miss, with Aftab entering on an elephant and Nin being carried on a Doli they looked like a maharaja and maharani with a royal procession on Kandiyan dancers.
Aftab was wearing Troy Costa for all of his functions and Nin was wearing Yoshita couture for all of hers.

Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

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Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

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Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

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Aftab Shivdasani and Nin Dusanj

Here are the 10 highest paid Bollywood stars

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Here are the 10 highest paid Bollywood stars
Forbes has released their annual list of the highest paid Bollywood celebrities. And no prizes for guessing, Shah Rukh Khan has topped the list yet again. Thanks to big films like Raees and numerous endorsements, SRK took home a cool $38 million last year. He was closely followed by Salman Khan ($37 million) and Akshay Kumar ($35.5 million), who took the second and third spot respectively. The other male actors featured in the list are Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh, Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor.
Talking about women power, both Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra made it to the top 10 list. Thanks to their Hollywood projects and brand endorsements, Deepika was ranked number 6 with annual earnings of $11 million and Priyanka Chopra was at the 8th position with $10 million.

Check out the top 10 stars according to Forbes below. 

1.    Shah Rukh Khan –       $38 Million (Rs 243.5 crore)

2.    Salman Khan –            $37 Million (Rs 237 crore)

3.    Akshay Kumar –          $35.5 Million (Rs 227.5 crore)

4.    Aamir Khan –              $12.5 Million (Rs 80 crore)

5.    Hrithik Roshan –          $11.5 Million (Rs 73.6 crore)

6.    Deepika Padukone –    $11 Million (Rs 70.4 crore)

7.    Ranveer Singh –          $10 Million (Rs 64 crore)

8.    Priyanka Chopra –        $10 Million (Rs 64 crore)

9.    Amitabh Bachchan –     $9 Million (Rs 57.6crore)

10.  Ranbir Kapoor –            $8.5 Million (Rs 54.4 crore)

Microsoft unlocked 1080p Mixer game streaming on Xbox One

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Testers have had their hands on the customizable Xbox One interface for a bit, and Microsoft has listened to their suggestions. Specifically, the home screen now supports up to 40 pinned items and your background image will be easier to see, according to a post on the Xbox forums. More than that, you can broadcast your gameplay via Mixer at 1080p. There are a handful of other tweaks (like support for Arabic and Hebrew languages), so be sure to check the links below. Or, if you’re a member of the Alpha Ring preview, the patch might already be on your console.



littleBits' Droid Inventor Kit teaches kids tech with 'Star Wars'

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The latest addition to the littleBits line of products is a Droid Inventor Kit — part of the Force Friday II toy launch ahead of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. “We’ve created a gender-inclusive product that celebrates kids’ own self-expression and ingenuity, while showcasing the same characteristics of imagination, grit and invention that are embodied in the Star Wars franchise,” said littleBits CEO Ayah Bdeir in a statement.

The kit comes with everything kids need to build their own Droid along with an app that includes instructions and how-to videos. Stickers and 17 special Star Wars in-app missions are also included as well as 20 authentic Droid sounds from the films. Challenges accessed through the Droid Inventor app also encourage children to play with the parts and littleBits technology in order to come up with different types of Droids, like one that can deliver items or one that can guard their rooms. Rearranging electronic blocks can also unlock new powers.

Some of the Droid features include Force Drive, which lets kids guide their creation with a wave of their hand, self navigation, wherein the Droid can maneuver itself around objects, and a draw mode that lets the Droid draw secret maps or messages.

The Droid Inventor Kit is available now for $100 through Walmart, Amazon, the Apple Store, the Disney Store and



The smartwatch market is actually performing pretty well

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While the wearables field is proving a tough space for many companies, smartwatches are apparently doing quite well. In a report from International Data Corporation on this year’s second quarter earnings, sales numbers show that wearables are up 10.3 percent year over year. That number includes a small — nearly one percent — but notable first time drop in annual growth for basic wearables, like most Fitbit trackers, that don’t run third party apps. On the other side of that, though, smartwatch growth topped 60 percent this quarter compared to the same time last year.

“Smartwatches recorded double-digit year-over-year growth, with much of that increase attributable to a growing number of models aimed at specific market segments, like the fashion-conscious and outdoor enthusiasts in addition to the technophile crowd, lower price points, and a slowly-warming reception from consumers and enterprise users alike,” said IDC’s wearables research manager, Ramon Llamas, in a statement. “Factor in how smartwatches are taking steps to become standalone devices, and more applications are becoming available, and the smartwatch slowly becomes a more suitable mass market product.”

Apple was a big leader with nearly 50 percent year over year growth during the second quarter, while, as reported previously, Xiaomi took the top spot in the wearables market. Though Fitbit has dropped to third place and its second quarter year over year change was an over 40 percent decrease in growth, its upcoming Ionic watch could help it grab some of the fast-moving smartwatch growth. Fossil, which entered the wearables market top five for the first time, has done well with its slew of smartwatches produced by its Fossil brand as well as high-end brands like Armani that fall under its umbrella. And Misfit — another Fossil brand — has its snazzy-looking Vapor smartwatch set to launch in October.

The next big wearables star could be clothing and earwear, which according to IDC, showed triple-digit growth. “These products are still in their initial stages, but by targeting specific market niches (performance tracking clothing for professional athletes) or providing unique value propositions (audio adjustment or language translation for earworn devices), these products are offering solutions to problems other than simply reporting data, and gaining traction,” said Llamas.



Exciting Shah Rukh Khan talks about working with Kangana Ranaut in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film

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Exciting! Shah Rukh Khan talks about working with Kangana Ranaut in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film

Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s collaboration of Devdas is world renowned and we bet the audience wants to see them join hands for the second time soon. Recently, Bhansali was snapped chilling with SRK and Gauri Khan at the latter’s new interior desig store in town. Since then, speculations are rife about the Devdas duo’s new collaboration for a film.

Regarding the same, SRK was questioned by a leading daily and here’s what the superstar said…

“With Sanjay, I would definitely like to work. In the last few months, we have been discussing a lot of projects. But there are date issues, his starting issue so inshallah, we will do something.” 

Asking further about the news of SLB wanting to cast him opposite Kangana Ranaut being true or not, SRK cleared, “Yes, there is a discussion of that film too. I don’t know if that film has been cast. I don’t want to speak out of turn. It is a period setting, but I don’t really sit down and ask, who the other cast members are. It would be wonderful if she’s there, but we haven’t honed on it yet. We have chatted about it, talked about it and we still haven’t sat down and said we’re starting this one. So, that is also very interesting, very nice.”

“There are two scripts that he’s offered me. One is a period film and the other isn’t. I don’t know which one we’re doing, right now. But these are the only two I have spoken to him about,” the actor added.

On a concluding note, SRK revealed his plans post shooting for the much awaited dwarf film, “I am now shooting for Aanand’s film. It will take me around five-six more months to complete it and then, they go for post production. I will have some time free after that, so yes, I will do a film then. But I haven’t signed anything yet.”

Well, we are definitely hoping high!

Salman Khan talks about his desire to work in a comedy film

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Salman Khan talks about his desire to work in a comedy film

Salman Khan has done many comedy films like Hello Brother, Judwaa, Andaz Apna Apna, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?, No Entry and Partner. His last comedy film Ready came in 2011 and since then the actor has been doing more serious films. 

Recently at a media interaction, Salman was asked if he missed doing comedy films and the actor immediately revealed, “Yes, I do miss it and I’m trying to do a film of that genre. But I am not getting a script like that. Once I get a proper film, which makes me laugh when I’m hearing it, then I will do it for sure.”

Adding further, Salman stated, “Ready was a film that actually made me laugh during the narration. After that, I have not heard a script like that.”

We miss ‘em too Salman!

Currently Salman is shooting for Tiger Zinda Hai with Katrina Kaif in Abu Dhabi. Post this, Salman has two films in the pipeline – Race 3 and Go Daddy. .