Birthday Special: Moments when Preity Zinta left us mesmerised

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For a girl who hails from the outskirts of Shimla, comes from an army background and went to a boarding school for all her childhood, there was nothing really which set Preity Zinta up for a career in Hindi films. Even less believable would’ve been to dream that she could become one of the biggest leading actress of her generation and be part of some of the most remarkable projects of that time.

But as the biggest success stories usually pan out, hers also defied all odds and talent stood triumphant over everything else. We got her first glimpse in Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se where her bubbly demeanour came across as extremely natural and charming. She even earned a Filmfare nomination for Supporting Actress in the same film.

At the beginning of her career, she was often described by the press as having a vivacious personality and a bubbly, outgoing persona, an image she had confessed to disliking.

Her first leading role came opposite Bobby Deol in Soldier which was followed by some big projects and blockbusters of early 2000s like Dil Chahta Hai, Veer Zaara, Salaam Namaste, Koi Mil Gaya and many more. Her Filmfare Best Actress win also came for her scintillating performance in Kal Ho Naa Ho in a heartbreaking love triangle opposite Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan.

Often forgotten and hardly talked about are her some critically appreciated performances in films like Sangharsh, Kya Kehna and Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. Critics attributed her roles in these films as to establishing a new image for leading actresses in Bollywood.

Late 2000s for her was the busy part of the decade but outside the box office when she became the joint owner of the IPL team Kings XI Punjab. One can say it affected her film career a little bit but never took her out of the limelight.

On her 43rd Birthday, we pay tribute to the marvelous dimpled diva and take a look back at all the moments she stole our hearts away.

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Filmfare exclusive Sooraj Pancholi talks to us about the abetment of suicide charge on him

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Filmfare exclusive! Sooraj Pancholi talks to us about the abetment of suicide charge on him
Since morning, news of Sooraj Pancholi being charged for the Jiah Khan suicide has been doing the rounds. Speaking in his own defence, Sooraj pleaded not guilty in the court. Judge K D Shirbhate has framed charges against the 27-year- old actor under section 306 (abetment of suicide) of the Indian Penal Code. . The charge of abetment of suicide under Section 306 of the IPC attracts a maximum punishment of 10 years in jail. 

Commenting on the case again coming in the limelight with Sooraj being involved, father Aditya Pancholi was quoted saying, “We have been waiting for this day for the past four-and-a-half years,”

It was after her alleged breakup with Sooraj Pancholi when Jiah Khan committed suicide in 2013 in her flat in Juhu, Mumbai, by hanging herself. On committing suicide, Jiah left a note in which she blamed boyfriend Sooraj for ruining her life.

We at Filmfare spoke to Sooraj sometime back, and this is what he had to say:

On the charges:

“It has been a long wait for me. It’s been five years since the incident happened and we have been waiting for the court to go on trial. It took them five years to put a charge that I can defend myself on. I go to trial on the 14th of February.”

On his father Aditya Pancholi’s statements:

“Five years of someone’s life is a long time and we have been waiting for the court to go on trial. It is a very big day for us because it finally has come up to not a verdict, but a charge that I can defend myself on because till there is no charge, there is no trail and till there is no trail there is no truth.  So now is the time for me to defend myself in court and fight my battle to innocence.”

On the forensic reports:

“All that was done by the complainant.  I mean she has kept changing her statements; she has kept changing what she has been saying to the police and the court. Of course, she said that I think it was a murder. The CBI investigated it, which is the biggest investigation body we have in our country and they ruled out the murder angle.”

On the accusations:

“It has been manipulated since day one. I think they have taken my silence for granted. I haven’t spoken since five years until today and I think I should put my foot down and speak for myself. I didn’t want to do it before because there was so much of confusion and so much of drama happening around my case, so I thought it was not right to speak about it then but now I can because I am going to go for trail. If I am wrong nothing in this world can help me.”

On Jiah Khan’s last few days:

“I don’t want to talk about someone who is gone. It just isn’t good ethics to talk about someone who is gone, she was very close to me. I think those things will be answered in trail.” 

On what could have led to her suicide:

“I think it’s her state of mind. I don’t know what a person was thinking at that time. I can’t answer to that.”

On the last 5 years:

“It has been very torturous.  Being accused is not a good feeling. It is very easy to accuse somebody. It is very difficult when you have to defend yourself for that accusation. Justice takes a lot of time and patience. I know what I have been dealing with and I have been dealing with it by myself. I don’t discuss it with anyone. I try avoiding it in my own mind because what has happened is really not fair anymore. I would not wish this even for my enemy.”

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Ranveer Singh proves he is truly smitten by Deepika Padukone once again

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Ranveer Singh proves he is truly smitten by Deepika Padukone once again

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s bond is for the world to see and gush over. The two have been spotted together multiple times at movie screenings, airports, Bollywood bashes and public events. Ranveer has always been the more vocal one, proudly accepting and talking about Deepika and her importance in his life, while Diva Dee likes to maintain a blushing silence while asked about the former. Both Deepika and Ranveer have never denied their relationship but their multiple appearances are proof enough that they are together.

Ranveer likes to keep his fans updated through his social media accounts about his whereabouts as well as upcoming projects. The actor recently did a twitter live with his fans where he was asked multiple questions about his upcoming films, his physique as well as Deepika. Ranveer was in the right mood to answer all their questions and made sure that his fans were satisfied with his replies. Amidst a lot of questions, what caught our attention was a question that a fan asked Ranveer about Deepika. Ranveer was asked whether he would do another film with Deepika, to which, the leading actor replied saying, “I hope so! Looking forward to the opportunity! shes the best we have! #Khilji.” It became evident from Ranveer’s reply that he truly believes that Deepika is the reigning queen of Bollywood.

Ranveer is an extremely expressive lover as he never leaves the opportunity to complement DP, he is always ready to gush about how genuine and smart she is and that’s what makes him look love-struck and how. We totally admire this gesture of Ranveer to always speak up for his lady in good times as well as bad. Take a look at the actor’s post!

Ranveer Singh proves he is truly smitten by Deepika Padukone once again

Ranveer Singh proves he is truly smitten by Deepika Padukone once again

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Salman Khan Bobby Deol Sonakshi Sinha give a surprise to Preity Zinta on her birthday

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Salman Khan, Bobby Deol, Sonakshi Sinha give a surprise to Preity Zinta on her birthday

Preity Zinta was in for a major surprise on her birthday when Salman Khan and Bobby Deol came to wish the actress. Preity has worked with Salman in a lot of films like Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, Heroes, Jaan-e-Mann and more. While Bobby and Preity set the screen on fire with their pairing in Soldier back in the year 1998. The actress seemed to be ecstatic with the surprise visit that her two leading men gave to her on her birthday. Ramesh Taurani and Remo D’Souza also came to wish Preity Zinta on her birthday making it the perfect spot for a Race 3 cast and crew get together. Sonakshi Sinha, as well as Salman’s alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur, also came to wish Preity on her big day.

Preity Zinta took to Instagram to show her love and gratitude towards Salman and Bobby. She posted a collage of her surprise birthday get together and captioned it,” Thank you all for all the wonderful birthday wishes.So humbled and so touched by all the good wishes. Loads of love! Muaah  #aboutlastnight #unplannedgettogether #friendsforever  !” The pictures depict perfectly the amount of fun and laughter that they shared and how they made it a memorable day.

Preity, though hasn’t been seen in films for a while now has a long string of hit films to her name, from Salaam Namaste, Kal Ho Na Ho, Veer-Zaara, Dil Se, Dil Chahta Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and many more.  The actress has always been a favorite of the audience with her happy-go-lucky vibe and a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. Take a look at the actress celebrating her birthday with Salman and Bobby below!

Salman khan surprises Preity Zinta on her birthday

Salman khan surprises Preity Zinta on her birthday

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Has Vicky Kaushal been cast opposite Kangana Ranaut in Mental?

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Has Vicky Kaushal been cast opposite Kangana Ranaut in Mental?

Kangana Ranaut is currently working on her most passionate project named Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. She will be seen playing the lead role in the film, as she will portray the character of the queen of Jhansi. The film is supposedly high on stunts and grandeur, which has made the audience super excited to watch Manikarnika.

After Manikarnika, Kangana will shift her focus to the thriller named Mental. Kangana’s casting in the film was done long back, however, the search for the leading man continued to take place. After reports of actors like Rajkummar Rao and Ayushmann Khurrana being cast in the film were sidelined, latest news suggests that Masaan actor Vicky Kaushal has been roped in by the makers of the film.

A source close to the film revealed,”Kangana plays a dark character in Mental. Vicky slips into the part of her nemesis. He instantly fell for his role when he read the script. The makers wanted someone who could give a tough fight to Kangana’s character, and Vicky has showcased sufficient range to provide the same.”

The first leg of Mental is expected to go on floors in August and Vicky has apparently been allotted a 40-day schedule. The actor will soon be seen in Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi opposite Alia Bhatt and Rajkumar Hirani’s Dutt biopic alongside Ranbir Kapoor. With a strong line up of film for 2018, we can’t wait to watch the actor shine brightly on the big screen.

Has Vicky Kaushal been cast opposite Kangana Ranaut in Mental?

Has Vicky Kaushal been cast opposite Kangana Ranaut in Mental?

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Hereâs how Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor went under a complete transformation for Padmaavat

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Here’s how Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor went under a complete transformation for Padmaavat

After facing tons of protests and controversies, Padmaavat has finally hit screens. But the journey getting here was no cakewalk for sure. It all started when the Karni Sena had an issue with a rumuored dream sequence which will show Rani Padmavati aka Deepika Padukone and Sultan Allauddin Khilji aka Ranveer Singh together.

The response for the movie so far has been phenomenal as it crossed the prestigious INR 100 crore mark in just four days. Padmaavat has also been receiving a lot of praise from critics as well, as they have lauded Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s brilliant direction and his attention to detail. We also can’t ignore the effort the amazing cast of the movie has put into it. While Deepika Padukone was at her graceful best as Rani Padmavati, Shahid Kapoor did justice to the role of Maharawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh was extremely convinving in the role of Sultan Allauddin Khilji. Besides the acting, what made these performances so incredible was the attention to detail to get the looks of the character just right.
In any costume drama it is very essential to get your costumes and make up on point. It helps the film look much more believable in the eyes of the audience. 
We got a hand on few pictures that reflect how much work went in for the transformation of Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor to Sultan Allauddin Khilji and Maharawal Ratan Singh respectively.Shahid’s was playing Maharawal Ratan Singh, a fearless and noble king. This is the first time we have got to witness Shahid Kapoor in such an avatar. This is what the actor had to say about his role. “It was one of the biggest risks of my career to take up a role like this where, for one-and-a-half years nobody knew about the film. So many people asked me that why I was doing this film. And when the film released, I actually waited for two days to see audiences’ reactions. I knew that my character was an underdog but I am so happy that the hero of the film has been given that kind of love.”Ranveer Singh’s character Allauddin Khilji on the other hand was fierce and a savage who would get what he wanted by any means possible. The actor had earlier confessed that it was difficult for him to say yes to the part as he would have to get in touch with dark sides inside him. In an interview, Ranveer had said, “I discovered that the trouble was that I was only doing this. So, I was shooting the film and going back to my den while being Khilji all day. Not neutralizing it was taking a toll on me. Sometimes, off camera, I’d have evil thoughts and negative feelings towards people, and I had to stop and protect myself by neutralizing.”

Check out the snaps of the actors getting ready for their role. 

Here’s how Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor went under a complete transformation for Padmaavat

Here’s how Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor went under a complete transformation for Padmaavat

Here’s how Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor went under a complete transformation for Padmaavat
Here’s how Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor went under a complete transformation for Padmaavat

Here’s how Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor went under a complete transformation for Padmaavat
Here’s how Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor went under a complete transformation for Padmaavat

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Researchers treat ear defect by growing implants from cells

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While scientists have been working on growing organs and body parts like ears for some time, researchers in China have taken it one important step further. They’ve grown new ears for five children with microtia — an ear defect that results in small, underdeveloped ears and often affects hearing — grafted them onto the children and continued to observe the development for over two years. The work is important because it’s the first study of its kind and shows that these sorts of methods stand to be a viable option going forward.

First, the scientists built scaffolds based on the children’s healthy ears using CT scanning and 3D printing. Those scaffolds were then seeded with cells from the children’s underdeveloped, microtia ears and cultured for three months. The team then implanted the ears in the five patients, who have been continuously monitored ever since. Now, the researchers have over two years of follow-up data and the results are promising. None of the children rejected the new ears, four of the five ears developed cartilage after the implantation and though two showed slight distortion after the surgery, three were healthily shaped.

There are some things to note. First, this concept isn’t new. “For many years, we have tried to harvest cells from people and expand those cells on polymer to grow kind of a new structure,” Tessa Hadlock, chief of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, told CNN, “and we’ve done it in animals for a long time.” Hadlock, who wasn’t involved with the work, said that what is new here is the extensive follow up and the multiple patients. But there are still a few unknowns. The scaffold used in the study is made of a material meant to degrade over time. So far, it appears to be degrading as expected and the grown ears are still holding their shape. But longer term effects of the material still need to be studied. Additionally, such a treatment will likely be expensive and because it’s complicated, hard to scale up.

However, this is still a big step. The researchers plan to follow the five cases for a couple of more years and their study lays out a few directions this type of work could go in the future. “This work clearly shows tissue engineering approaches for reconstruction of the ear and other cartilaginous tissues will become a clinical reality very soon,” Cornell University biomedical engineering Professor Lawrence Bonassar told CNN. “The aesthetics of the tissue produced are on par with what can be expected of the best clinical procedures at the present time.”

You can check out the study, published this month in EBioMedicine, here. But fair warning, some of the images and videos may be a little graphic for some.

Image: Guangdong et al. EBioMedicine



Inside pictures Amrita Arora and her girl gang celebrate her 40th Birthday in Goa

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Inside pictures! Amrita Arora and her girl gang celebrate her 40th Birthday in Goa
B-town’s sexiest girl gang consisting of Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora Ladak, Malaika Arora, Karisma Kapoor, Seema Khan, Natasha Poonawalla and Maheep Kapoor were seen letting their hair down in Goa. The sassy women were there to celebrate Amrita’s 40th birthday with pomp and show and they made sure they partied like never before. Best friends Kareena and Amrita were accompanied by their respective husbands Saif Ali Khan and Shakeel Ladak on the trip. The classy gang didn’t care if it was a weekday, Amrita’s birthday was reason enough for them to pack their bags and leave for a mini getaway from Mumbai to Goa.

As Amrita, Kareena, Karisma, Malaika and more lined up with their perfect vacation attires during the day in dresses with sexy tassels and colors that could light up a gloomy day, the stunning divas looked nothing short of mesmerizing. While their day wardrobes were dominated by bright colors, as the night seemed closer, the ladies turned up the heat with glitter and shimmer. The themed party shouted gypsy and boho as the ladies partied in shiny evening gowns with headgears that looked so in sync with the theme and made them look ravishing.

Amrita’s 40th birthday was also a hit on social media as her friends posted pictures with the hashtag #AmmuHottyTurns40 that lived up to the sizzling personality that the birthday girl has. With back-to-back posts from all her friends and well-wishers, the birthday girl seemed to have her mind blown with all the love and affection. All in all the party seemed to be a huge hit with all her close friends in attendance. Take a look at all the inside videos and pictures from the big bash!

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Amazon's QR-like 'SmileCodes' are the key to discounts and Lockers

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NurPhoto via Getty Images

Amazon will start rolling out its own version of QR codes, TechCrunch reports. Called SmileCodes, they function just like a typical QR code — scan it with your phone and see where it leads — but they’ll only be scannable through the Amazon app and, naturally, they feature the very recognizable Amazon smile right in the center. According to TechCrunch, Amazon has been piloting them for the past few weeks in pop-up shops and Amazon Lockers in Europe and next month, SmileCodes will hit the US. They’ll debut in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Seventeen.

A number of companies have continued to utilize traditional QR codes or their own take on them. Spotify began offering its own codes last year as a way for users to share music with others while Pinterest’s Pincodes allow brands to link users to more information and content. Similarly, Snapchat offers Snapcodes that let users share their profile as well as website links. Meanwhile, others, like Microsoft and Venmo, have stuck with more traditional QR codes to assist their customers in a variety of ways.

Amazon says SmileCodes will be used for things like getting a discount in Amazon Restaurant or retrieving your Amazon Locker code. To scan a code, tap the camera icon next to the search bar in the Amazon app. Then tap “see more” and the SmileCode scanner.



Heres the reason Deepika Padukone signed Sapna Didi after Padmaavat

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Here's the reason Deepika Padukone signed Sapna Didi after Padmaavat

Biopics are the latest talk of the town and the year 2017 saw its first mafia queen biopic on Haseena Parkar where Shraddha Kapoor essayed the title role. While there are a lot of cases where simple women turned to the underworld, Deepika Padukone found this one script the most appealing of all. Vishal Bhardwaj approached the star with a script on Ashraf Khan, popularly known as Sapna Didi who was a feared name in the underworld.


Married to a man who worked under Don Dawood Ibrahim, she had close connections with the most wanted person in the mafia world. After Dawood got her husband killed in a police encounter, she took it upon herself to avenge his death. Following this, she joined hand with Hussaid Ustara, a man who had hated Dawood for years and was waiting on a chance to murder him.

She learnt how to ride a bike and use a gun and also became a police informer against Dawood for a while. She eventually plotted to kill Dawood are the Sarjah Cricket stadium, but paid for her misadventures with her life. Her murder is considered one of the most brutal ones ever.

The story intrigued Deepika so much that she went on to pursue Vishal Bhardwaj to make it with her. She told a leading daily, “Of all the scripts I have heard in the last two years, I’ve been stuck on this one. He (Vishal Bhardwaj) brought this to me first, got me excited and then when I was ready to do it, he had moved on to something else. But, I persisted. It’s the one occasion where I pursued the director to make the film.”


Along with Deepika, Irrfan Khan will be seen in the film and this will be their second venture together after the success of Piku. When asked about her rapport with Irrfan, she said, “He’s witty, smart and intelligent. I’m glad I’ll be bouncing my ideas off someone who’s a master at what he does. For an actor, that’s going to be challenging but also exciting.”


Deepika is currently flying high with the blockbuster success of her controversy struck film Padmaavat and will be starting out with Sapna Didi after a short break. Well, she sure is trying out new things with the choice of films now.


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Google takes steps to combat fake news 'snippets'

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Prykhodov via Getty Images

Google announced this week that it is revamping its “snippets” feature, which is the featured description you usually see at the top of search results when you input a question. Recently, the search engine has come under fire for displaying “fake news” as snippets. Now, the company is updating its Search Quality Rater Guidelines to help human raters more accurately flag hoaxes, conspiracy theories and false and/or offensive information. Additionally, it is adjusting its rankings to promote high-quality content and demote low-quality content.

The company is also improving the quality of results by displaying more than one snippet. After all, sometimes there isn’t one correct answer to a question. “There are often legitimate diverse perspectives offered by publishers, and we want to provide users visibility and access into those perspectives from multiple sources,” said Matthew Gray, the lead of the snippets team.

Google is also making it easier to provide feedback about snippets. This way, users can raise concerns about questionable snippets they see. A link at the bottom of the snippet box makes that quick and easy to do.

It’s good to see that Google is taking action on this troubling front. The additional features it’s putting into place (especially the rankings algorithm) will help prevent people from gaming the system in order to ensure that fake news is the first source that Google searchers see.



MobiCom received the Grand Prix at the andquot;Entrepreneur Awardsandquot; in 2017

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MobiCom Corporation LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of KDDI (Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Chairman and CEO Tatsuya Hamada hereafter “MobiCom”) received the Grand Prix at annual “Entrepreneur Awards” in 2017 which is hosted by Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in recognition of MobiCom’s greatest contribution to the economic development of the country throughout the year. Also, MobiCom took first place in the “Top 10 Entrepreneurs Awards” in 2016, which is second highest award after the Grand Prix.

MobiCom has the largest market share of mobile subscribers in Mongolia [1], and is a total telecommunications service provider supplying wide variety of services in mobile, fixed line, satellite communications, ICT field, and Fintech services. In May 2017 MobiCom became the first company in Mongolia to win “Best Employer of Mongolia”, an award recognizing corporations that make active efforts to maintain employee friendly work environments. MobiCom aims for improvement of customer satisfaction, and also became the first company in Mongolia to start providing high-speed 4G LTE-Advanced service using carrier aggregation technology in November 2017.

MobiCom was highly praised for contributions to the society and the deployment of the best network environment in Mongolia.

Tatsuya Hamada, Chairman and CEO of MobiCom said as follows regarding receiving the Grand Prix at “Entrepreneur Awards” in 2017: “Everyone at MobiCom is delighted to receive such a prestigious award. This year, in addition to expanding 4G LTE network across Mongolia, we started Mongolia’s first carrier aggregation in 4G LTE. Moreover, we also challenged ourselves a lot this year, including Fintech service using mobile money. Furthermore, we worked hard to improve our work environment, becoming the first company in Mongolia to acquire OHSAS 18001, international standard certification for workplace health and safety. MobiCom will continue to promote better telecommunications environment and contribute to the economic development of the country.”

(Reference) About MobiCom

MobiCom is a total telecommunications service provider, supplying mobile, fixed line and satellite communication services in addition to a wide range of ICT services, and holds the largest market share of Mongolia’s mobile subscribers [1].

KDDI invested in MobiCom from its founding in 1995, allying with operating partners, Sumitomo Corporation and Newcom LLC [2], to contribute to development of Mongolia’s communications industry. KDDI will apply its worldwide knowledge and experience to continue powering the growth of MobiCom and Mongolia’s telecommunications environment under strong partnership.

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

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Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all
Happy girls are the prettiest and no other girl in Hindi cinema, perhaps, is enjoying the kind of bliss that Jacqueline Fernandez is currently. Call her lucky, call her hard working or just call her persistent, she’s put the bad old days behind and captured a top spot at the marquee with verve and zest. Whether it’s her sexy grin, her infallible comic timing or her spunky aura, she’s just a veritable hit with the fans. 2017 gave her Judwaa 2, one of the biggest hits of her career after Kick. And the next 12 months only promise to get bigger as Race 3 and Drive are in the offing. Her following is swelling by the numbers and Jackie, as showbiz likes to call her, is only getting lovelier by the day. She looks like a million bucks and her films earn just as much. Maintaining a perfect balance of shine and substance in her reel and real life respectively, Jacqueline has carved a comfy spot in B-town. The hit girl gives the lowdown on life, career and love in a blockbuster chat…

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

2017 was a fantastic year for you with Judwaa 2 being A huge hit…

Yes. I was pleased with the work I did. Commercial cinema is my genre. I’ve learnt and worked with the best. This kind of cinema keeps me in my element. Having said that, I didn’t expect to be appreciated so much. I knew Varun (Dhawan) would pass with flying colours and Judwaa was David Dhawan’s baby. But I was under a lot pressure for trying to replicate or at least come close to what Karisma Kapoor did. There was this stress of not letting her fans down. I’ve to give credit to David sir for that. At times, I felt such a loser not knowing how to perform a scene. But he was patient and encouraging. He knew exactly where I was faltering and how to rectify it.

How’s your rapport with Varun?

(Laughs) Varun is my soulmate, my onscreen soulmate that is. He’s such a sweet and cool person. Varun and I have an amazing connection, on screen and off it too. I’m able to gel with him easily. He’s probably a co-star I’ve been closest to. When you get to work with people, who are like-minded and who only push you, it’s amazing. Varun has been such.

Your pole dancing sessions with Varun have gone viral.

I’ve seen so many memes on us. They’re so funny. I enjoy them, they’re cute. Pole dancing was something that happened by accident. We had to shoot a song for A Gentleman. So, I told my directors, Raj and DK, that we should incorporate pole dance in it as it’s popular around the world. Raj and DK were up for it. I began training for it and realised it was so difficult. I felt physically tortured. (Laughs) So, then I tried to convince Raj and DK not to do it.

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

But you’re still learning it…

It’s such a fantastic workout. It toned my body beautifully. So, I continued doing it. It can help me in my action scenes and strength building too.

How did Varun cope with it?

He’s amazing at it. My trainer and I were surprised by his strength, which helped him stay on the pole. It’s difficult for guys because their skin gets bruised as they’re hairy. But we had a lot of fun challenging each other and getting competitive. We look at each other for motivation. It’s cool to do a class with him.

You’ll be seen in Dharma Productions’ Drive as well.

I was excited when I got this call from Karan Johar saying, ‘Tarun Mansukhani is back’. And I was like I’m dying to work with him.’ Initially, I thought it was about Dostana 2. But it was for something even better. Drive has been written by Tarun. It’s a heist film, fast-spaced, energetic… I believe I’ve exceeded myself and my skills in Drive only because Tarun was so attentive and patient even if it took me 30-40 retakes… Sushant (Singh Rajput) is, of course, such a phenomenal actor that he wouldn’t need that many. I felt bad for Tarun because he’s worked with such brilliant actors and here he had to wait for 40 takes till I got it right. Tarun used to go, ‘Common woman, get the freaking shot right.’ And I’d say, ‘Tarun, Marilyn Monroe took 53 takes to say one word.’ He’d retort, ‘But you’re not Marilyn Monroe.’

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

After Kick, you’re working with Salman Khan again in Race 3. Excited?

After having the biggest hit of your life, Kick with Salman, and then reuniting with him for a huge franchise is reason enough to celebrate. I believed I’d be a lot more confident with Salman and deliver my lines with such ease that he’d be impressed. That was however just a beautiful imagination. I was so nervous when we shot our first scene together. He helped me out with my lines. I told him, ‘I don’t know why I’m so nervous.’ It was ridiculous.

Anybody would be nervous in front of Salman Khan.

That’s true. The entire set goes into a frenzy when he arrives, ‘Bhai Bhai Bhai’. And then there’s complete silence. Actually, he’s so chilled out. But yes, when it comes to work, he’s serious and focussed.

Would you attribute the turnaround in your career to Salman?

Definitely. Salman Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala are the two pivotal names in my career. Jointly, they gave me the film of my career, which turned things around for me. Kick was Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut. And he decided to go with me, though I was at the lowest of my lows. Salman too saw something in me and decided to take me on. I call it compassion. The most amazing thing about him is he never takes credit. Rather, he chooses to credit the hard work of the other person.

Isn’t he like a mentor to you?

He is though. People ask me who I look up to. I always mention Salman because he’s my inspiration. The way he’s handled his life, the way he views everything, his mindset, his family, the way he balances things. He is someone I emulate and am extremely inspired by. He’s the best person to go to for advice. And he loves to give. I’m not talking about materialistic things. He loves to give his time, his advice… He has a lot on his plate but it’s amazing how he’s still able to help others.  

You went through a rough phase before you made it big. Any memories?

Those were the dark years of my life. I do reflect on them as I don’t want to go back to a place like that. There were a couple of years when I had no confidence. I was struggling to accept myself, my flaws. I had major insecurities. And when you’re at your lowest, you’re most negative and self-loathing. I remember I’d taken my parents on a trip to Vatican as my dad wanted to visit it. This was just a month before I signed Kick. I was really, really low. I had no movies. I wasn’t getting any calls. I thought it would be the last trip I’d ever be able to afford. I felt so sad about that. I wanted to be able to show my parents more in life. That affected me. It hit me badly. I thought if I choose this to be the last trip, it will be so. But if I choose this not to be the last time and give it my best, I could get back on track. Only when you decide to pick yourself up, do things happen.

And then?

I came back and made a couple of changes in my life. I removed those people from my life who were bringing me down rather than helping me rise. I focussed on my goal and reflected on what I needed to do to get there. I began reaching out to people, which I didn’t earlier. It’s an uncomfortable move to make but I asked myself if I wanted things to continue the way they were. And that was such a scary thought that I had to push myself.

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

What was the breakthrough moment?

I picked up the phone and spoke to Salman. I didn’t know him that well then. Yet, I asked for advice. I told him I didn’t know what to do and asked him, ‘Do you still think I have a shot at work?’ I wasn’t asking for a film. It’s just that I had no one to turn to. And who better than Salman to ask for advice. He said, ‘You definitely have a chance. You need to change a few things around, set your priorities, you’ve made mistakes in the past, you need to identify and rectify them.’  I was lucky to have this first-hand conversation with him and then life moved on. I concentrated on what I needed to do. Within a month, I get this call from Salman saying, ‘I guess you should call Sajid Nadiadwala’. Honestly, I thought they were offering me an item song, which I would have accepted in a second! But Sajid asked me to be part of Kick. It was surreal. When I set my mind to change things around and made a small effort, within a month things began to change.

Have there been instances when you were dropped from a film because a star kid or a star wanted the role?

Yes. I’ve been dropped from a few films. In fact, I’ve been signed and dropped. Because our industry can be fickle at times. Everyone’s out to do their best. Producers want to make money, directors want to work with the best and actors want the same. I was signed at a time when people thought I was the right choice and dropped overnight because someone else’s film did well or some other actress was on the rise. It’s devastating at first but when I look back, it doesn’t seem so bad. Those films have come and gone. People move on.

You’re amongst the commercially viable actresses today.  What are the sacrifices that go behind the glamour?

Recently, I was on a family holiday. I had to cut it short. My mom wasn’t happy about it. She said, ‘I understand your work means a lot to you and we’re grateful to have you on a holiday with us. But it’s so demanding.’ So, you do have to compromise on your time and you have to fight a lot of battles in your mind. Those are difficult. I’ve been through moments of desperation, I’ve suffered from eating disorders.

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

Eating disorders?

These happen because you let your insecurities take over. Not eating and putting your body through unhealthy eating patterns. I love food but I’d punish myself by not eating at all or binging on comfort food. The positivity that people now see in me is because I’m fighting my battles and I’m proud of overcoming them. But it’s not been easy.

So, what are the essentials to survive in showbiz?

Firstly, you’ve got to be extremely confident about your craft. I ask young girls, who want to be actresses to enrol in an acting school first. I didn’t pay much attention to this early in my career. I do regret that. I had a completely different idea of what I needed to do be an actress. The minute you’re confident about your craft, you’ll not succumb to stupid choices, take on wrong roles, work with wrong people or compromise yourself. When you’re not self-assured, you believe you can be replaced. So, you end up being a slave to other people. That should never be the case. Secondly, health should be your number one priority. And it’s not about dieting or looking good. When you’re healthy, you look your best, you’re positive and have more energy.

How important is money to you at this point?

I never used to pay attention to money. I’ve never done a film for money or negotiated for it. Many a times I’d be ready to do films for free. Luckily, I’ve been paid for all my films. If you ask me how much I have in my bank account I have no idea. I just know I must pay my taxes. And it’s important for me to have money for travel. I must be a bit more responsible. So, I’ll now be keeping a tab on my finances. But I want that liberty to believe that I’m doing films but not just for money. It just takes away the beauty of it. Because at the end of the day this is something that I’m blessed to be able to do. My restaurants and health and fitness stuff is something that can generate money to keep me alive.

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

Friendships in this industry are fragile. But you’ve been friends with peers Sonam Kapoor, Asin and the other girls for so long…

Yes, they’re fragile. A lot of people are friends on your face. Whenever there’s a camera put on your face, you have to smile and act like it’s all good. But Sonam and I hit it off instantly. I’m so glad to have found her so early in my career. I’ve found a great support and friend in her. Sonam and Rhea (Kapoor) are like my sisters. I stay over at their house. It’s like home for me. I’m blessed to have such solid people like Sajid Nadiadwala and his family, Salman and his family, the Dhawans. With them the relationships are not fragile.

How do you protect yourself being a single girl?

I’ve been single for couple of years now. (Laughs) That’s one thing I’ve been super consistent about. I’m extremely good at protecting myself. I do sense when something’s not right or when there’s some motive at play. I keep away from such people. I don’t give them attention or I’m outright blunt with them. A lot of young girls are scared or intimidated by the men they’re working with. But they need to realise that the minute you stand up for yourself, it earns you respect. Yes, it’s come with time and experience. But I’m good at it now.

What’s the real Jacqueline like?

The audiences get to see whatever the paps put out. It’s either us entering or exiting parties, events, restaurants, shoots or airports. Getting home from work is one of the happiest moments of my day. I introspect a lot. I also spend an hour in the morning doing meditation or playing the piano or just writing. It’s an important aspect of my personality because it keeps me sane. You barely have any time to understand who you are. A lot of people don’t know who they are and remain masked all their life. I appreciate the fact that I’m able to completely get rid of the mask. I keep asking myself all the time, ‘Am I on the right track? Is this the right purpose?’

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

Any plans of settling down?

The way I saw it five-six years ago, is so different from how I see it now. There was always this ideal of getting married and having children. That’s the natural progression for most. But now I don’t find the need to settle down. I wonder why it’s a social norm. If I find someone good, then maybe. But if I don’t, then also it’s okay. No one can stop me from having a child. But I’ll do that only when I’m ready and have matured enough and I’m financially well off to bring someone into the world. Sometimes I wonder if I really want to bring someone into this world? Do I want to put them through this? When I’m sure myself, only then will I be able to guide this being in the right way. As it is there are too many people in the world, and too much of wrong parenting. It’s liberating for me not to feel the need either for a husband or children.

What’s your idea of a husband, if you someday choose to marry?

I’m not ruling out that possibility at all. It’ll be great to have someone share the same ideals as mine. More than anything it’s about companionship. It’ll be nice to have someone I look up to. I love people. who do inspiring things, who have great ethics and morals. Nothing fancy, but if he’s able to give me this, he’ll be a great companion.

Rumours about Sidharth Malhotra and You being in a relationship are rampant…

These rumours started when Sid and I signed A Gentleman. I’d ask my friends why are we being linked together? Do we give off that vibe? Have we indicated it somewhere? Is it working unintentionally somewhere in the marketing of the film? I just couldn’t get it. Every time I’ve been with Sid, we’ve been normal together. So, I don’t know where it was coming from. If I’m dating someone, I don’t need to hide it from anyone. I’m not a 12-year-old who has to hide her relationships. I’m a grown-up girl. If I was dating someone it wouldn’t be a big deal for me anymore. I would honestly admit to it. Rumours have fizzled out now that the film’s over. I guess it was just hype around the film. Give me the benefit of doubt, I’d talk about a relationship. I’ve always been an open book. But Sid will always remain a close friend.

How is Sidharth as a person?

He’s an easy going and a lovely person. We’ve done two films together now. We’re hoping to work again in the future. He’s a fantastic human being and we’ve only been friends. I came to know we come from similar backgrounds. I met his parents in Delhi when we were promoting

A Gentleman. All I could think of was my own parents. They were so sweet. They shared how they watch his film on the first day itself. My parents do the same thing in Bahrain. Then they go and watch it for five days in a row and take along different friends each day. Sid also is someone who’s come a long way. He was new to the industry. He’s worked his way up, he was an AD, he didn’t know anybody here. So, we’re a lot similar. He’s sensible. He knows what he wants, where he’s going. (Laughs) And yes, he’s very, very good looking.

Exclusive cover story: Jacqueline Fernandez bares it all

Okay, would you date a guy from the industry?

(Laughs) No. I work with all of them and it’s difficult for me to see them that way. I see a very different side of actors. I know a lot of them closely. I realise they’re just dealing with the same insecurities and issues I’m dealing with. 

Would a relationship come in the way of your career at this point?

Not at this point. Three-four years back, yes, it would have. Now I’m way too organised. I know exactly what I need to be doing. My time management is a lot better than earlier. I’ve realised I can be productive without having to work like a dog. So, a relationship wouldn’t hamper my career at all at this point.

Can you imagine a life away from the limelight?

Yes, and I do experience it when I travel. I just got back from a tiny fishing village in Indonesia, where I went diving. No one knew me, nobody cared who I was. So, I can easily imagine it. I’ve come from a world of simple normal people. I’ve tasted limelight and fame. But it’s okay. There are huge highs and couple of pros that come along with it. But it’s not everything.

What would you count as your finest achievement so far?

My finest achievement is yet to come. But surviving in this industry for so long is no less than an achievement. I’ve seen a lot of girls come and fizzle out. It’s scary because it can happen to anyone, anytime. So, survival is something to be proud of.

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