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Molex Drives Development of Next-Generation Network Technologies

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Molex serves in leadership roles in Multi Source Agreement (MSA) Groups aimed at fostering development of new high speed, high density interfaces and links used in telecommunication, data center equipment and networking platforms.

“Building and sustaining the pipeline of interoperable interconnect solutions is absolutely critical to support advances in transceiver modules, switch technologies and servers,” said Scott Sommers, group product manager at Molex and co-chair of the QSFP-DD MSA and chair of the SFP-DD MSA. “Through strategic collaborations, we can provide the expertise needed within the industry to continue pushing the boundaries of high-speed, high-density networking.”

“Fast growing data center and cloud computing are demanding more efficient optical transceivers at every stage of high speed transitions,” said Rang-Chen (Ryan) Yu, vice president of business development, GM of optoelectronic solutions at Oplink, a Molex Company and co-chair of 100G Lambda MSA. “At Molex, we are working with industry leaders to establish 100G Lambda multi-source agreement and accelerate development of single channel 100G technology as a foundation for next generation 100G and 400G optical connectivity solutions”.

An established technology leader, Molex is a founding promoter, editor and member of the QSFP-DD (Quad Small Form Factor Double Density) MSA, the SFP-DD MSA, and the 100G Lambda MSA groups, all of which support multi-vendor interoperability.


Established in 2016, the QSFP-DD MSA today released an updated 3.0 hardware specification for the new QSFP-DD form factor. A QSFP28 compatible double-density interface, QSFP-DD pluggable modules can support up to 400 Gbps in aggregate over an 8 x 50 Gbps electrical interface-quadruple the bandwidth of conventional QSFP modules, allowing networking equipment to keep pace with advances in ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) technology.

Systems designed for QSFP-DD modules will be backwards compatible with existing 28 Gbps QSFP and QSFP+ form factors and provide flexibility for end users, network platform designers and integrators. Providing excellent signal integrity and thermal protection, Molex QSFP and QSFP+ Integrated Product Solutions support Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SAS and InfiniBand applications.

SFP-DD MSA Group (

Established in May 2017, the SFP-DD MSA recently released the initial hardware specification and drawings for the SFP-DD electrical interface. The SFP-DD specification builds on a full range of Molex SFP+ and SFP Interconnect Solutions, including cages, connectors and cable assemblies, and optical modules. Targeting support for thermal management up to 3.5W optical modules, the new interface features two lanes that operate at up to 56 Gbps per lane, providing throughput of 116 Gbps over the two lanes with PAM-4 modulation. By doubling the lane density and data rate of an SFP connector, the SFP-DD interface will significantly boost port density and deliver optimal scalability in networking cables and equipment.

100G Lambda MSA (

Most recently, Molex and other industry leaders established the 100G Lambda MSA to develop specifications based on 100 Gbps per wavelength optical technology, and addressing the technical challenges of achieving optical interface interoperability for transceivers produced by different manufacturers.

Molex provides industry leading optoelectronic solutions for broad range of high speed networking applications. By close collaboration with industry leaders, we are driving industry adoption of 100G Lambda MSA, which effectively doubles the data rate per wavelength for 100 Gbps and 400 Gbps applications with extended reach to 2km and 10km, and also provide a technology platform required for next generation networking equipment.

To learn more about Molex high-speed, high-density interconnect solutions and optical products, please visit

About Molex:

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, automotive and commercial vehicle. For more information, please visit

Molex Resources:

Molex is a registered trademark of Molex, LLC in the United States of America and may be registered in other countries; all other trademarks listed herein belong to their respective owners.

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IEEE Announces Formation of IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group

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IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA), today announced the official launch of the IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group. Chartered by the IEEE 802� LAN MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) Executive Committee, and launched under the auspices of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group, the new study group aims to develop a Project Authorization Request (PAR) and Criteria for Standards Development (CSD) responses for optical solutions targeting physical distances beyond 10km for 50 Gb s, 200 Gb s, and 400 Gb s Ethernet.

Today, new Ethernet application spaces that extend beyond 10km are experiencing significant bandwidth demands. For example, mobile networks, driven in large part by the expanded use of video on mobile devices, will need to address ever-increasing capacity demands that extend beyond the data center. These same networks will also face increased challenges to meet growing bandwidth demands fueled by connected car infotainment and autonomous driverless systems, as well as the numerous anticipated future applications that will leverage networked vehicles. The IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group will explore the requirements and potential technologies of application spaces that need optical solutions beyond 10km, which will be used to define the objectives that will best serve these industry requirements.

The formation of a study group occurs when there is interest in developing a request to initiate an IEEE standards-development project. Once enough interest in a particular technology area is established, a study group provides a forum for global experts to come together in collaboration to develop a proposal for a standards-development project.

“The launch of the IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group represents a first step towards standardization that will meet the needs of network providers, such as wireless operators across the globe where bandwidth demands are projected to vary significantly from region to region,” said John D’Ambrosia, chair, IEEE 802.3 Beyond 10km Optical PHYs Study Group, and senior principal engineer, Huawei. “The Ethernet application space being addressed by this new working group will help ensure that a fully comprehensive networked Ethernet ecosystem can meet tomorrow’s demands for the speed and reach needed to support industry growth worldwide.”

Deployment of technology defined by IEEE 802 standards is already globally pervasive, driven by the ever-growing needs of data networks around the world. New application areas are constantly being considered that might leverage IEEE 802 standards in their networks from wireless, through twisted-pair cabling, to fiber-optic cabling solutions. To better address the needs of all of these areas, IEEE 802 standards are constantly evolving and expanding. The success of IEEE 802 standards-from their inception through today-has been based upon their fair, open and transparent development process.

To learn more about IEEE-SA, visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn or on the Beyond Standards Blog.

About the IEEE Standards Association

The IEEE Standards Association, a globally recognized standards-setting body within IEEE, develops consensus standards through an open process that engages industry and brings together a broad stakeholder community. IEEE standards set specifications and best practices based on current scientific and technological knowledge. The IEEE-SA has a portfolio of over 1,200 active standards and over 650 standards under development. For more information visit

About IEEE

IEEE is the largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities, IEEE is the trusted voice in a wide variety of areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers, and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power, and consumer electronics. Learn more at

Healthcare Organizations Need a Strong Tech Narrative

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From artificial intelligence to virtual reality to telehealth, emerging technologies are changing the face of modern healthcare. Several recent HIMSS surveys of healthcare providers showed that respondents are utilizing a variety of mobile tools to engage patients, including app enabled patient portals, telehealth services and text communications, and nearly 52% of hospitals surveyed currently use three or more connected health technologies. In order for healthcare� organizations to stay competitive and attract patients, it’s critical that they incorporate their use of technology into PR and marketing efforts. However, many marketers struggle to effectively communicate how their organization is implementing innovative new tech, or have been hesitant to participate in the conversation about technology’s impact on healthcare because the topic is still so new.

“As a first step, marketers need to start having conversations with their physicians, CTOs, CIOs and other influencers to better understand how their organization is leveraging emerging technology, and what their perspective is on the topic,” said Melissa Baratta, senior vice president and healthcare practice lead at Affect. “We’ve worked with brands that thought they weren’t doing anything unique, or couldn’t provide a meaningful point of view on the subject – but once they start asking those questions, it often turns out they have a lot to say. Realistically, you don’t have to be making multi-billion dollar investments here in order to have a voice; being able to talk about 2-3 interesting use cases, or how tech is impacting your target audience or the industry, can make a big difference for your brand.”

Now is the time to jump into the discussion and claim share of voice. Affect provides 4 tips for healthcare organizations to incorporate tech stories into their PR and marketing programs:

“You don’t always have to promote what you’re doing from a tech perspective with a press release or big campaign,” said Baratta. “Organizations sometimes get hung up thinking about how to compete with the biggest healthcare companies in the country on the tech stage. The thing is, you don’t have to. Simply having a perspective on emerging tech is okay. The most important thing is getting out there and having a voice.”

As tech continues to drive conversations in the healthcare space, the organizations that have a compelling tech narrative will achieve stronger brand awareness and a competitive edge.

About Affect

Affect is a public relations and social media firm with office in New York and Boston. Established in 2002, the company specializes in technology, healthcare and professional services. Affect employs a results-driven approach to communications, crafting one-of-a-kind programs to help clients achieve their business goals. As year-round strategic counsel, or a single project resource, Affect leverages its creative talent, unique experience and forward-thinking insights to achieve the precise results that clients seek. For more information, web:; blog:; Twitter: @teamaffect.

TIA and QuEST Forum Announce Merger

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ARLINGTON, Va. &The Telecommunications Industry Association� (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high tech connectivity networks, and QuEST Forum, the global association dedicated to quality and sustainability in the information communication and technology (ICT) industry, today announced they have reached an agreement to merge the two associations. The move is part of a strategic effort to offer support and services that address a full range of needs facing the connectivity industry.

QuEST Forum is joining with TIA to form a single technology association that will be uniquely suited to accelerate modern connectivity and address the business, technology and industry transformation needs of its members. This holistic approach, which includes trusted standards, common performance and quality metrics, supportive public policies and market alignment, is essential to delivering the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and the network transformation needed for virtualization, NFV/SDN, and transition to the cloud.

“This merger expands our ability to deliver member value across the full spectrum of business, technology and policy needs,” commented Wesley Johnston, TIA CEO. “TIA is an established leader when it comes to technology and business acceleration, global standards development, and business advocacy. QuEST Forum brings services and tremendous experience in global TL 9000 quality metrics, benchmarking, and sustainability. Together, we will have even more resources and expertise to drive the ICT industry forward and help companies navigate the rapid pace of change.”

The new organization constitutes a global community of more than 500 members, engineering committee and partner organizations across the Americas, Europe-Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. The merger is expected to create access to a wider market for the combined portfolio and it positions the organization for long-term growth.

Fraser Pajak, CEO of QuEST Forum, said, “This dynamic combination will not only drive greater member value, it will allow us to meet the needs of a broader range of companies. Service providers, large enterprises, suppliers and integrators will find we have resources and programs to help them improve speed-to-market, sustainability and bottom line results.”

The merger is subject to the ratification of a definitive agreement, and is expected to close in fourth quarter 2017. Once completed, the QuEST Forum community will become an active part of TIA. Pajak will take an executive role within TIA, directly reporting to CEO Johnston.

Susan Johnson, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, AT&T Services, remarked, “AT&T is a founding member of QuEST Forum and a longtime supporter of TIA. This merger will bring significant business opportunities to companies across our industry. Companies are quickly transforming, and industry organizations must also transform in ways that allow them to effectively address a full range of business, technology, policy and sustainability issues.”

Additional details of the merger include :

More information on the merger can be found at and The announcement was made at QuEST Forum’s Americas Service Providers and Suppliers Summit being held in Dallas this week.

About TIA

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) represents manufacturers and suppliers of global communications networks through standards development, policy and advocacy, business opportunities, market intelligence, and events and networking. TIA enhances the business environment for broadband, mobile wireless, information technology, networks, cable, satellite and unified communications. Members’ products and services empower communications in every industry and market, including healthcare, education, security, public safety, transportation, government, the military, the environment, and entertainment. Visit for more details. TIA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and is a proud sponsor of ANSI’s Standards Boost Business campaign.

About QuEST Forum

QuEST Forum is a global association of companies dedicated to impacting the quality and sustainability and customer experience of products and services in the ICT industry. As the voice of the industry, QuEST Forum provides forward-thinking companies a collaborative environment to positively impact business results and customer experience. TL 9000, the ICT quality management system, performance benchmarking and a broad array of common metrics support both the rapid industry adoption of new technologies and the consistent quality of communication networks around the world.

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IDT Corporation to Report Fourth Quarter and Full Fiscal Year 2017 Results

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Published on: 20th Sep 2017

NEWARK, N.J. , Sept.� IDT Corporation (NYSE IDT), a global provider of communications and payment services, has scheduled its report of fourth quarter and full fiscal year 2017 financial and operational results for Tuesday, October 3, 2017 .

The fourth quarter and full fiscal year (the three and twelve months, respectively, ended July 31, 2017 ) earnings release will be issued and posted on the IDT investor relations website ( at approximately 4:30 PM ET .

IDT will host an earnings conference call beginning at 5:30 PM ET with management’s discussion of results, outlook and strategy followed by Q&A with investors. 

To listen to the call and participate in the Q&A, dial toll-free 1-888-348-8417 (from U.S.) or 1-412-902-4243 (international) and request the IDT Corporation call.

A recording of the conference call can be accessed one hour after the call concludes through October 10, 2017 , by dialing 1-844-512-2921 (toll-free from the US) or 1-412-317-6671 (international) and providing this call number: 10111313.  The recording will also be available via streaming audio at the IDT investor relations website ( following the call.

IDT Corporation:    IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), through its IDT Telecom division, provides telecommunications and payment services to individuals and businesses primarily through its flagship Boss Revolution® and Net2Phone® brands.  IDT Telecom’s wholesale business is a leading global carrier of international long distance calls.  For more information on IDT, visit

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SOURCE IDT Corporation

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GeoLinks Teams with Mimosa to Deliver Fiber-Fast Broadband to Underserved Institutions

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Mimosa Networks, the leader in 5G Fixed wireless solutions, announced today that it is teaming with GeoLinks, a California based communications service provider, on a number of statewide projects to revolutionize internet access at underserved government, educational, and healthcare organizations.

GeoLinks, named one of America’s fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine, is connecting these previously-unreached organizations by providing ultra-reliable, fiber-fast broadband throughout the state of California and beyond, using pioneering wireless broadband technology from Mimosa.

“Mimosa fixed wireless is the perfect solution for many of our rural and more complex enterprise clients,” said Ryan Hauf, CTO at GeoLinks. “Because it is ultra-fast, reliable, and very easy to deploy, we are able to get broadband connectivity to previously underserved areas within days.” Hauf has been working with Mimosa solutions for over two years and based on his experience with the products, recommends Mimosa frequently for projects that require rapidly deployed installations.

On Catalina Island, for example, GeoLinks successfully deployed Mimosa’s fiber-fast broadband solutions to bring high-speed internet access to the island community for the first time in its history. Taking into account the unique location – 41 miles offshore – and leveraging the existing infrastructure, a team of engineers considered a number of advanced options to tackle the challenge of connecting the island to the mainland. GeoLinks ultimately selected Mimosa for the last mile of the installation, deploying Mimosa A5 access and C5 client devices throughout the harbor town of Avalon. Speeds on the island are typically 300 Mbps, and the ultra-fast broadband connection provides support for essential communications services, tourism services, and commerce.

Back on the mainland, GeoLinks is actively addressing one of the state’s most critical infrastructure needs – connecting rural schools to the internet. In order to help these schools provide the highest and most advanced educational services to their students, GeoLinks again turned to Mimosa solutions to reach these hard-to-reach customers. Thanks to Mimosa’s ease of use, reliable performance and Gigabit-plus connectivity, Geolinks will be continuing its rapid deployment to rural school customers.

GeoLinks is also partnered with California’s “Internet for All Now” fund, a statewide $300 million fund with the goal of closing the state’s “Digital Divide” and providing high-speed broadband to 95% of Californians by 2027. Future initiatives and projects for GeoLinks include a focus on healthcare in 2018, connecting hospitals and medical institutions to ultra-fast broadband for mission-critical services.

For each of the installations, GeoLinks deployed a combination of point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) architectures, using Mimosa B11 licensed backhaul radios, along with Mimosa B5c connectorized radios, C5 client devices and A5 access points. GeoLinks also relied heavily on Mimosa’s robust network design tool to plan, design and implement these networks.

“We are honored to team with GeoLinks on these important and strategic initiatives to address educational, healthcare, public institutions, business-to-business and consumer needs,” said John Colvin, SVP of Global Field Operations at Mimosa. “Mimosa’s next generation of fiber-fast wireless solutions have the power to bring the ultimate broadband experience to those who need it most – in this case, the underserved areas in California. We look forward to working with GeoLinks and assisting them in accelerating these critical business initiatives throughout California and beyond.”

About GeoLinks

Founded in 2011 by CEO, Skyler Ditchfield, and CTO, Ryan Hauf, GeoLinks is the fastest growing Internet Service Provider in California, and Inc. Magazine’s 2017 Inc. 5000 NO. 5 Fastest Growing Telecommunications Company in America. Delivering Enterprise-Grade Internet, Layer 2 Transport, Hosted Voice, and both Public and Private Turnkey Network Construction expertly tailored for businesses and Anchor Institutions nationwide, GeoLinks officially became a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) public utility in 2017. As a CLEC, GeoLinks is able to actively participate in the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF), expanding the company’s ability to service non-profits state-wide.

GeoLinks’ accelerated success is largely due to its flagship product, ClearFiber™, which offers customers fixed wireless on the most resilient and scalable network ever built. From land procurement, to construction, to permitting, and more, GeoLinks is the country’s only ISP that does everything in-house, expediting installation periods nationwide. Boasting ultra-low latency, 99.999% uptime, sub 10ms jitter, and a 4-hour max response time, GeoLinks prides itself on delivering the industry’s best Service Level Agreement backed by round-the-clock US based customer support.

About Mimosa Networks

Mimosa Networks is the leader in next-generation, Hybrid Fiber-Wireless fixed access broadband solutions. Mimosa access, backhaul, and client devices empower service providers to deliver ultra-broadband connectivity in suburban, urban, and hard-to-reach rural areas at a fraction of the cost of fiber, driving new industry competition and closing the global connectivity gap. Mimosa’s technology demonstrates unprecedented levels of efficiency, sharing scarce spectrum concurrently across an entire network. Founded in 2012, Mimosa is based in Silicon Valley and deployed in over 130 countries worldwide.

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Cloudleaf Secures $13 Million Series A Funding from Leading Investors for its Enterprise IoT Solutions

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Cloudleaf, a Silicon Valley Enterprise IoT startup, announced today that it has secured $13 Million Series A funding from IndusAge Partners, Bold Capital Partners, Tandem Capital, Mahindra Partners and other seasoned angel investors. This funding will power Cloudleaf’s innovation in IoT and bring its patented Sensor Fabric to market, enabling customers to easily digitize their enterprise operations. Cloudleaf’s mission is to allow its customers to know, in real time, where their assets are and the condition of those assets.

Cloudleaf offers Sensor Fabric™, a mesh of intelligent IoT sensors, endpoints, gateways and cloud technologies. Each asset in the Sensor Fabric™ generates a unique digital fingerprint with location and contextual metadata (such as temperature, shock and vibration). A patented location engine, middleware and cloud applications facilitate the transformation of digital metadata into actionable insights. This yields quick time-to-value, engaging user-experiences and deep operational insights. Dashboards provide alerts, notifications, metrics, trends, analytics and KPIs related to inventory, product quality, audit and regulatory compliance. Cloudleaf’s extensive library of APIs, SDKs and pre-built connectors enable seamless integration with existing enterprise systems, including ERP, MRP, MES and analytics.

“Cloudleaf’s technology has the potential to be a critical game-changer in the enterprise IoT space, especially when it comes to extracting operational efficiencies in today’s complex value-chains. It’s a massive market opportunity and we strongly believe in the seasoned management and technology team, with their years of industry expertise, to build a highly scalable business,” said Sriram Viswanathan, Founding Managing Partner of IndusAge Partners.

Parag Shah, Managing Partner, Mahindra Partners shared similar views on their investment, “As a large multinational group with interests in diverse industries, we see digitization of operations as a transformative force for enterprises all around the world. We see this as a significant opportunity for Cloudleaf and are excited to be a part of the funding round.”

Industrial IoT and the broader digital transformation market (estimated by Morgan Stanley to be between $90B to $110B at 18% CAGR by 2020) represents a huge opportunity for Cloudleaf. Although the company’s initial focus is manufacturing, distribution and pharmaceutical, Cloudleaf is rapidly building solutions applicable to any industry vertical. Some of Cloudleaf’s key customers include: ArcelorMittal, Dickten Masch Plastics, Magna and Shire, among others.

“We are excited to have these leading investors on board. This round of funding will enable us to drive continuous innovation and establish key partnerships,” said Mahesh Veerina, President and CEO of Cloudleaf. “Customers love the quick time-to-value of our technology and we are pleased with the rapid traction in the market.”

Please visit for more information on the company’s technology and solutions. For a free trial of the enterprise IoT kit, please visit:

About Cloudleaf:

IoT is top-of-mind for enterprises looking to enable digital business transformation, but IoT has been challenging to use. Cloudleaf is changing the game for IoT by transforming how IoT is deployed and delivered.

Cloudleaf offers Sensor Fabric™, a mesh of intelligent IoT sensors, endpoints, gateways and cloud technologies, to generate a unique digital fingerprint with location and contextual metadata, for assets-in-motion. Our location engine and cloud applications transform the digital metadata into actionable insights, delivering operational efficiencies for our customers, leading to reduced costs and improved financial performance.

Cloudleaf was founded in 2014 by Silicon Valley engineers with strong backgrounds in radio networks, embedded software and cloud technologies. Its management team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists, with vast experience in launching technology companies and leading them from the earliest stages, through rapid growth to successful IPOs or M&A exits. For more information, please visit

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FourV Systems Appoints Two New Senior Advisors to Company Board

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FourV Systems, a provider of security operations business intelligence systems, today announced the addition of two senior officers to its Board of Advisors. The combined expertise of these new additions positions FourV to further advance their commitment to helping organizations analyze, measure and improve the performance of information security operations. David Neuman, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Rackspace, and Jerry Archer, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer at Sallie Mae have joined the board.

“At FourV, we organize and rationalize the vast spectrum of security data to create meaningful and precise metrics and visualizations that security practitioners can use to optimize and report on their business operations,” said Derek Gabbard, President of FourV Systems. “Both David and Jerry bring invaluable expertise to our team in the security space and with their support and dedication we will continue pushing the limits of innovation.”

David Neuman’s expertise is in global information security operations, strategy, architecture and engineering services. David oversees and coordinates security initiatives, working with executives, leaders and staff from all aspects of the global Rackspace enterprise to protect the company’s assets. Previously, David was an Executive Director and COO for Ernst and Young’s Americas Cyber Security Practice where he operationalized four sub-competencies and developed five-year growth plans to meet $500 million in revenue goals. He brings over 33 years of experience leading diverse IT and security operations, program management and cyber operations planning and execution to assist FourV in further strengthening their mission and vision.

Jerry Archer is CSO of Sallie Mae, responsible for information and cyber security, as well as security initiatives across the company. He has decades of experience in leading companies and government agencies, including Visa and the CIA. Prior to Sallie Mae, Jerry was the Chief Information Security Officer at Intuit and the managing director at Global Competitive Strategies, LLC. Jerry was named the 2011 North American Information Security Executive of the Year and earned the National Performance Review Hammer award for his work in the U.S. Intelligence Community. He is a founder and board member of the Cloud Security Alliance, and president of the Security Advisor Alliance. With his seasoned background, Jerry will offer FourV expert insight into business continuity and security risk management.

“The digitization of business ecosystems is driving an even greater need for informed and timely risk and operational decisions,” said David Neuman. “GreySpark puts intelligence proactively in the decision cycle to protect assets most important to the business.”

For more information on FourV Systems, please visit:

About FourV Systems

FourV Systems is located in Baltimore, MD and is dedicated to helping organizations measure and communicate cyber security operations metrics aligned with business operations. With more than 60 years of commercial, defense and security operations experience, FourV builds on a foundation of experts in cyber security and business analytics. With FourV, security operations and services managers can have confidence in their IT security decisions and investments. For more information, visit

Monolith Software Continues to Expand Executive Team

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Monolith Software, the leading provider of next generation, unified service assurance solutions for service providers, managed service providers, and financial services announced today further expansion of its business management team by naming Susan Williamson as its Vice President of Sales and Partner Enablement.

Susan will be responsible for sales operations and management at Monolith. She will oversee sales technology selection and implementation, team training and development, and channel resource identification and growth. Susan has extensive experience in sales strategy and operations, inside sales, business development, sales management, and team leadership.

“We are delighted to welcome Susan to our executive team,” said David Knight, CEO at Monolith Software. “Her passion to develop businesses through sales process and partner alignment will enable us to enhance and streamline our sales methodology and expand our partner program, all of which will benefit our Service Provider and Enterprise customers.”

Susan holds a BA in English from the College of William and Mary. Before joining Monolith, she served as President of C.TRAC, a Cleveland, OH company focused on data management and marketing technology. A top tier partner of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, C.TRAC was sold to Pierry Software in early 2016.

About Monolith Software

Monolith Software provides a next generation, service assurance solution that unifies fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single scalable platform. Built on a single codebase, our multi-tenant AssureNow™ platform uses an open and unified approach for data collection, enrichment, visualization, and reporting. Leading telecommunications, managed service providers and enterprises, including Aureon, Eir, Equinix, Hargray, MANX, Oracle, Tata Communications, and Tele2, use Monolith to unify and simplify their infrastructure management, and consolidate disparate and legacy tools onto a single platform to significantly reduce operations costs, assure delivery of new services, and enhance customer experience. For more information, visit

Midco Expands Billing Relationship with Netcracker to Leverage Advanced B2B Billing Capabilities

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Netcracker Technology announced today that Midcontinent Communications (Midco) has expanded and extended its billing relationship to enable more complex billing scenarios for its business customers. Midco will leverage Netcracker’s next generation Revenue Management solution to enhance its ability to offer dynamic pricing options while reducing operational costs.

Midco delivers internet, cable, fixed-line and home automated services to residential and business customers across the Midwestern United States.

Netcracker’s solution will enable Midco to bill for a wide range of B2B services, including data center offerings, labor rates, hosted, security and managed WiFi services, dynamic offers targeted to SMB vertical-specific segments, as well as traditional connectivity services through a single platform. The sophisticated billing and rating platform will also help Midco build stronger connections with its business customers by introducing the ability to tailor service bundles.

“Our team takes the responsibility to meet our business customers’ diverse connectivity and value-added service needs very seriously, and Netcracker’s solution enables us to meet those expectations,” said Gary Shawd, Vice President of Information Systems at Midco. “We look forward to continue working with Netcracker, our trusted billing partner, and leveraging its proven solution and expertise to expand our revenue management capabilities.”

“Today’s evolving digital landscape is giving businesses new opportunities to leverage a wide range of services. This requires service providers to use consolidated, next-generation platforms that support complex billing scenarios,” said Rohit Aggarwal, General Manager of North America at Netcracker. “We are excited to expand our relationship with Midco and give it the capabilities it needs to succeed in an increasingly diverse and sophisticated B2B market.”

For more information on Netcracker’s Revenue Management solution, please contact Erin O’Reilly at .

About Netcracker Technology

Netcracker Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is a forward-looking software company, offering mission-critical solutions to service providers around the globe. Our comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and professional services enables large-scale digital transformations, unlocking the opportunities of the cloud, virtualization and the changing mobile ecosystem. With an unbroken service delivery track record of more than 20 years, our unique combination of technology, people and expertise helps companies transform their networks and enable better experiences for their customers.

For more information, visit

About Midco

Founded in 1931, Midco is the leading provider of internet and networking, cable TV, phone, data center and managed services, home automation and advertising services in the Upper Midwest. More than 380,000 residential and business customers count on Midco services in 342 communities in Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Midco will deliver advanced gigabit internet technology to most customers by the end of 2017. Visit to learn more about Midco and how the company gives back to the communities it serves.

IT Revolution Announces DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco 2017 Agenda is Live!

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PORTLAND, Ore. , Sept.� IT Revolution (https, the industry leader for advancing DevOps,� today announced that the schedule is now live (https us schedule ) for the DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco (DOES17), the premier industry conference for leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps in the U.S. The event, hosted by IT Revolution and founding partner, Electric Cloud (www.electric, takes place November 13 15, 2017 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Select speakers ( have been added that represent large Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries-financial services to retail to entertainment to military/defense and more-who will discuss best practices, challenges and ways to overcome them, along with a myriad of experience reports on DevOps in the enterprise. In addition, for a limited time (until October 3 ), participants can receive 10 percent off their registration using the code: DEEPDIVE10. Register here:

Share This: IT Revolution announces #DOES17 agenda is live + 10% discount for limited time! #devops #business #tech @DOES_USA

An Agenda Full of Top DevOps Experts as Speakers This year’s program offers a blend of incredible minds comprising of executives, managers, consultants, analysts and practitioners who will present on various real-world topics around DevOps. Speakers who will be presenting include:

Click here for the full list of speakers.

A “Deep Dive Into DevOps” Sets The Stage

Our goal for this year’s conference is to deliver rich, in-depth lessons in the top areas of interest most expressed by the DevOps Enterprise community: Getting Business Buy-In; Security & Compliance; Ops & Next-Generation Leadership; Architecture; Technology for Technology Leaders; and Experience Reports.

“As DevOps continues to make inroads into organizations across the globe, these are the areas of greatest interest to the community in achieving DevOps success,” explained Gene Kim , founder of IT Revolution and co-author of “The Phoenix Project” and “The DevOps Handbook.” “We have built a deep program around these key topics with the best and brightest minds in the industry. Our goal is to offer attendees clear takeaways on how to address and implement positive change for DevOps success within their own organizations.”

Several additions also have been made to this year’s program in line with the theme “Deep Dive Into DevOps.” They include:

What Is The “DevOps Enterprise Summit?” The DevOps Enterprise Summit is the premier industry conference for leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices around the world. The event theme is “Deep Dive into DevOps” and features presentations from leading global brands that leverage DevOps principles and practices to thrive within an increasingly software-driven economy. Sessions are led by revolutionary technology leaders who are driving these practices forward in large and complex organizations across a wide range of industries. The keynotes feature industry luminaries, as well as speakers from well-known companies who share the learnings from their enterprise DevOps initiatives. For more information, click here.

About IT Revolution IT Revolution assembles technology leaders and practitioners through publishing, events, and research. Our goal is to elevate the state of technology work, quantify the economic and human costs associated with suboptimal IT performance, and to improve the lives of IT professionals.

Contact: Jeremy Douglas Catapult PR-IR 303-581-7760, ext. 16 


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Siklu Participates in Successful 5G Experiment with the RAPID Consortium

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FORT LEE, N.J. , Sept.� Siklu, millimeter wave market leader, has participated in a successful live 5G demonstration in Warsaw, Poland with RAPID 5G consortium members. Live 5G data was transmitted throughout the Blue City shopping mall using the groundbreaking RAPID architecture.

The 5G standard, which is planned for 2020, will specify much higher capacities than 4G, more users will be able to use the network simultaneously, greater reliability and more.

The RAPID project is an early demonstration of 5G technology and enables high-speed data transfer rates up to 10 Gb/s with low latency for many client devices. It is an ideal solution for hot spot applications. RAPID 5G is a pioneering research project run by a consortium of European Union and Japanese members developing key technologies needed for the transition to high speed 5G networks.

The test included very high-resolution video transmission – 4K and 8K through the 5G antenna modules installed in the facility. The video was received on a moving terminal throughout the mall with a computer with VR goggles. Transmission was over Wi-Fi, millimeter wave equipment from Siklu demonstrating 5G, and commercial 4G, and the goal was to show the interoperability of these radio access technologies.

5G speeds were achieved via photonics, with DAS systems connected via Corning fiber to indoor radio heads, as well as through beam forming antennas operating over the 60GHz millimeter wave spectrum. Siklu contributed 60GHz radios with innovative beam forming antennas, which operated flawlessly and achieved the coverage and speeds targets.

“We’re extremely pleased with the results of the RAPID 5G experiment. The experiment showed that Siklu millimeter wave technology can be used to provide 5G speeds today. This is in addition to our 5G fixed wireless access solution that is currently being used by operators in the US as a means to extend and leverage their fiber networks with a gigabit speed wireless solution,” said Yigal Leiba , Siklu CTO.

About Siklu Siklu delivers multi-gigabit fiber-like wireless connectivity in urban, suburban and rural areas. Operating in the millimeter wave bands, its wireless solutions are used by leading service providers and system integrators to provide gigabit services, 5G fixed wireless and in safe city and smart city projects. Thousands of carrier-grade systems are delivering interference-free performance world-wide. Easily installed on street-fixtures or rooftops, the price-competitive radios have proved to be ideal for networks requiring fast and simple deployment of secure, fiber-like and future-proof connectivity. visit:

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Nielsen's Gracenote Teams with Leading Interactive TV Advertising Providers to Deliver Real-Time Offers on Smart TVs

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EMERYVILLE, Calif. , Sept.� Gracenote� , a Nielsen company (NYSE � NLSN), today announced it has inked deals with two leading interactive TV advertising providers, Connekt and Ensequence, to use Gracenote’s Video Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to bring new interactive capabilities to linear TV ads and other programming.� Connekt and Ensequence serve the most recognized consumer brands, major broadcast networks and content producers by enabling interactive experiences that turn TV ads and programming into transactional opportunities.

By leveraging Gracenote’s patented Video ACR technology, which currently powers 25 million Smart TVs across eight global brands, marketers will now be able to present special offers, discount codes or custom promotions tied to their products and services and drive deeper consumer engagement with their brands. Gracenote technology identifies ads in real-time using frame-by-frame image recognition.  Once an ad is identified, Connekt and Ensequence can instantaneously deliver a graphical overlay that corresponds with the traditional TV advertisement. 

For instance, automakers can enhance existing TV spots by adding interactive overlay creative that presents nearby dealership addresses, localized incentives or promotional discounts for car service.  Additionally, brands can dynamically tie in social media elements, sponsorships or couponing to further enhance their messages.  These real-time, localized, interactive experiences seamlessly integrate with brands’ creative, helping them to maximize ROI on their linear or connected TV ad campaigns regardless of the service or platform.

“Opportunities to enhance TV advertising with interactivity are limitless,” said Kelly Abcarian , SVP, Product Leadership for Nielsen.  “The beauty of Gracenote’s Video ACR technology is that it can recognize any live, on-demand or pre-recorded content and advertising that appears on the TV, and trigger interactive overlays that harness the full potential of connected televisions.  The partnerships with Connekt and Ensequence will help consumer brands, major networks and content producers realize the value of real-time content recognition to engage users and drive greater ROI for their linear TV campaigns.”

Connekt and Ensequence will manage all advertising relationships, creative direction and overall execution of the campaigns for their clients, including defining campaign goals and user calls-to-action.  Gracenote Video ACR will automatically identify TV ads, inform partners when to trigger interactive ad overlays and help to measure the campaign results.

About Gracenote Gracenote, a Nielsen company (NYSE: NLSN), provides music, video and sports content and technologies to the world’s hottest entertainment products and brands. Gracenote is the standard for music and video recognition and is supported by the largest source of entertainment data, featuring descriptions of more than 200 million tracks, TV listings for 85+ countries and statistics from 4,500 sport leagues and competitions. Gracenote is headquartered in Emeryville, Calif. and supports customers around the globe. For more information, visit

Gracenote is a registered trademark of Gracenote, Inc. All other names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Media Contact: Sunok Pak Gracenote, Inc. (415) 999-4646


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FreeWave Technologies to Display Industrial App Development Platform at the American School of Gas Measurement Technology (ASGMT)

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HOUSTON , Sept. ASGMT Booth 44� FreeWave Technologies, Inc. (, a leader in industrial, secure Machine to Machine (M2M) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) wireless networking solutions, today announced it will be previewing its industrial App platform at the American School of Gas Measurement Technology (ASGMT) from Sept. 18 21 . FreeWave is exhibiting at Booth 44 where attendees can learn about ZumIQ App Server, a solution which leverages open source technologies like Python and Node RED (http zumiq appserver).

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“We developed a new open-source App-development platform to address modern networking challenges, but to also prime industrial organizations for the automation and monitoring demands of tomorrow,” said Scott Allen , CMO of FreeWave Technologies. “Industrial Apps at the network edge can be low-cost, high-impact solutions for small- and medium-sized oil and gas companies looking to incorporate well pad automation to optimize production, drive operational savings and gain a competitive edge.”

FreeWave will share details about its ZumIQ pilot program designed to support the development of industrial applications. To participate in or find out more about the program, please visit: ( 

FreeWave will also showcase several other industry leading wireless IIoT solutions, including ZumLink, WavePro and WAVECONTACT.

For more information about FreeWave Technologies offering please visit:

About FreeWave Technologies

FreeWave Technologies ( is a leading provider of wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions that deliver reliable access to data for leading companies in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) markets. As the #1 provider of wireless IIoT to the oil and gas industry, FreeWave’s fast, flexible and easy-to-deploy solutions streamline connectivity over long distances to also create significant operational efficiencies for government, defense and UAV/Drone contractors, agriculture equipment manufacturers, energy and smart grid networks, municipalities and more. With 20-plus years of experience in the M2M market and millions of radios deployed in the field, customers repeatedly turn to FreeWave to maximize their value in connecting M2M devices to optimize real-time decision making.

Media Contact: Jeremy Douglas Catapult PR-IR (303)-581-7760


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2017 Oracle NetSuite Open to Benefit Local Youth Nonprofit SquashDrive

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SAN FRANCISCO , Sept. Squash Engine, Inc. today announced that SquashDrive, the Bay Area’s first urban squash program, will once again be the official charity partner of the Oracle NetSuite Open this year.

SquashDrive is an intensive after school, weekend and summer program that uses the unique combination of squash instruction, academic tutoring and community service to help Bay Area public school students reach their full potential.  Started in 2010 by Oracle NetSuite Open Associate Director, Lauren Patrizio Xaba , SquashDrive is modeled after other successful urban squash and education non-profits across the country who have seen 97 percent of their students go on to college.

Last year, SquashDrive raised more than $72,000 over the course of the week thanks to corporate and fan support.

“With the funds we raised last year, we were able to launch our college prep program, which enabled us to do an SAT prep camp over the summer with all of our high schoolers,” said Patrizio Xaba .

SquashDrive’s oldest students, who started at the program as fourth and fifth graders in 2010, are now tenth and eleventh graders in high school, and in the midst of their college search process. Squash plays a big role in college admissions for some students.  Among high school graduates of National Urban Squash and Education Association (NUSEA) programs across the country, 23 percent go on to play college squash. This year’s SquashDrive fundraising goal is $100,000 , which will help the program’s first generation of students matriculate from high school into college.

“We have more than thirty high schoolers now with our oldest students in eleventh grade,” Patrizio Xaba said. “We want to give them the opportunity to travel and see colleges all over the country. We’ll use the money we raise at the Oracle NetSuite Open to enhance the college prep program and give our kids the best opportunity possible to get to and through college. The Oracle NetSuite Open is such an amazing event and we’re so lucky to be a partner and appreciate the support of the entire Bay Area squash community.”

Every year, SquashDrive gives the program’s top students the opportunity to be greeters and ushers for each night at the glass court and to participate in squash clinics hosted by the pros.

The 2017 Oracle NetSuite Open Squash Championships comes to San Francisco to the all-glass Oracle NetSuite Challenge Court in Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero September 24-30 . Tickets are on sale now for glass court play, September 27-30 , at, with a price range available for every budget.

For group rates, packages and select box seat availability, contact the Oracle NetSuite Open Box Office at, or call 415-738-2517.

Stay tuned to for more news and information, follow @ONOSquash on Twitter and @OracleNetSuiteOpen on Facebook. 

About SquashDrive SquashDrive’s mission is to promote academic, athletic and personal growth in underserved Oakland youth through an integrated program of academic tutoring, squash instruction and character building. For more information visit

About Oracle NetSuite Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit pioneered the Cloud Computing revolution in 1998, establishing the world’s first company dedicated to delivering business applications over the internet. Today, Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit provides a suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR and omnichannel commerce software that runs the business of companies in more than 100 countries. For more information, please visit  

About Oracle The Oracle Cloud delivers hundreds of SaaS applications and enterprise-class PaaS and IaaS services to customers in more than 195 countries and territories while processing 55 billion transactions a day. For more information about Oracle, please visit us at

Trademarks Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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